Koo the popular Indian microblogging platfrom launched during pendamic is now struggling to servive.

here are the reasons why>>>

Koo was initially started to counter twitter's presence in Indian market and at that time Twitter was censorig everything.

Koo has tried various strategies like cutting workforce from 200 to 60 only reducing salaries   but it's stil not working.

Koo had more than 7 million active uses in June 2023, and today the number is less than 3 million. that explains why their revenue model failed.

Social Media and microblogging platfroms follo a simple business model i.e advertising, the more engagement platfrom has the more revenue they can generate from advertisers.

As the user base on Koo fell, the advertisers also pulled out from the platform, which is why the company had to burn investors money continusly to servive till now.

There is now only one way left for Koo and that is to get aquired by some other giant. Let's see what happens next