Fast fashion  brands burn or destroy their unsold products instead of selling them at lower price,  Here are the resons why>>>

There are two main reasons why they do so.

1. To protect their brand value. 2. TO avoid paying unsold invantory tax

maintaining  brand value for  brands is very important, if theyr don't  do so their brand value would go down.

Every brand had to inventory tax on unsold items at the end of the year, To avoid that they destroy their product and emptry their inventory.

In fast fashion industry there is hardly preoducts are recycled, this way fast fashiion industry is killing the invoirment.

Is goverment doing nothing about it?

British parliament passed the low to crack down on destroying insold products but there is not only one company doing this.

ZARA, BlueBerry and Louis Vitton are few big names following this pratice. Few years back people bycotted the Blueberry but they are still in the market