When we think about starting a small business we always forget the most obious possibility that smaller businesses fails easily. Here are few reasons why>>>

1.  The most common reason is finencial problems, small business fails the next moment when cashflow stops. So it is necessary to have extra cash for few months before you are starting small business .



Having a family member of friends as partner when they are doing nothing to grow the business.

Keep business and personal affairs seprate.


Poor Businness Planning   Jumping into the business without proper market research and planning like product, target audience, marketplaces, comptetion and other team managements.


Ignoring the customers demands and not resolving their complaints and also not keeping up with the market demands.



Doing it all for yourself 

Sometimes  to save money business owners try to do everything all by themselves. 

Or they find it hard to trust your employees , as a business owner you need to take the risks and trust your employees.


Not having a marketing plan

Not focusing on marketing is also a cause of business failure, because if people don't know about your product.