Small Businesses often struggle with keeping up with the market demands and profit margins. 

Do they need to spend extra on a website ???>>>

Straight to the point, every small business must have a website and here are the reasons why>>>

Website helps small business in many ways. like>>

> To show your product catelog 

> Advertise and Sell your products directly 

>> Don't have to pay heavy     charges on other platfroms.  

>> Easily accessible to      customers. 

>> Build your online brand      authority

>> Allows you to interact   with your customers more   easily.

>> Brand websites have high conversion rates that regular shopping platfroms.

>> You can easily promote your business diretly with google ads 

Small Business certainly need a website, there are some drawbacks of having a website like>>>

You have to create the website from scratch and maintain it regularly.

If we look at the overall Picture, Every small business must have their website.