What is Crypto Mining? Different types of crypto mining| Mining rigs | 2023

What is Crypto Mining

What is Crypto Mining?

Crypto mining is the process of generating new blocks and verifying transactions on a blockchain network like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto mining involves solving complex mathematical equations using powerful computers and devices like crypto miners (Crypto miners are the devices dedicated to mining specific cryptocurrencies).

When a user successfully mines a block they are rewarded with a certain cryptocurrency based on the crypto that they are mining. The more powerful computer you have more blocks you can mine and the more money you can make.

Crypto mining is not free it cost a lot of investment before you start making money, first you need computer equipment, and decide whether you are going to use computer hardware like Graphic cards or crypto miners. There are benefits and drawbacks to both if you are using graphics cards to mine they are comparatively costly and take a lot of space while crypto miners are incapable of mining certain cryptocurrencies.

If you are thinking about setting up miners then you need space and electricity and if you are not from a cold country like Europe or Canada then you also need equipment to cool all those devices, because mining crypto produces a lot of heat and if your equipment gets too hot they will get damaged.

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And also it’s not always profitable to mine sometimes the mining difficulty increases and then it becomes more and more challenging to mine it hence being profitable is a dream, and countries with high electricity bills are not convenient for mining crypto.

Different types of crypto Mining

There are different types of crypto mining based on the types of cryptocurrency is being mined and methods used in mining, most of the types of crypto mining are explained below.

GPU Mining :

GPU Mining involves using Graphic Processing Units(GPUs) to solve mathematical equations, it requires a computer and other components to perform heavy-duty tasks.

ASIC Mining

There is specific hardware designed for the purpose of mining crypto only like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum,, those devices are known as ASIC mining devices. ASIC stands for Application-specific Integrated circuits. since these devices have only one purpose they are much more powerful and efficient in crypto mining and also costly.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the simplest form of mining, in this process you rent hashes online for some amount of money and the company will mine crypto with the number of hashes you have purchased and for how much time. In this process, you don’t need any equipment and pay extra cash just go on their website and you can just buy their plans and chill.

You should also avoid cloud mining because most of the time the companies goes bankrupt and delay your payouts and finally you don’t get the money.

Mobile Mining

You can also mine crypto using mobile phones of course you can not mine it like other devices and also mining is not profitable because mobile phones are not able to perform that heavy-duty task that mining requires. Mobile mining is just a waste of time if you ask me.

Mining Rigs

Mining rigs are a combination of CPUs, GPUs, and many components required to mine cryptocurrency, mining rigs are designed specifically for the purpose of crypto mining.

You can build your own mining rigs or you can just buy them premade. The main components of mining rigs are the motherboard, CPU, Graphics cards, Power Supply Units, cooling system, storage units, and Frames.


Crypto mining is not a business in which you should step in without proper research because there are a lot of factors on which the profitability of crypto mining depends like the Electricity process, the current price of the crypto that you are mining, mining difficulty, and hash power that you are using. Calculate your mining profitability here.


Is crypto mining profitable in 2023?

It depends on the country you are living in, countries like US and Europe are going through a recession because of the covid because inflation has skyrocketed making everything expensive, and if you are living in Europe you definitely can’t afford the electricity bills. Until the Crypto market is not rising crypto mining is not profitable.

Can you use PC/Laptop/Mobile to mine crypto?

Yes, only for fun. You won’t get any profit, it’s definitely not 2010 when you can mine crypto easily, you need a lot of hash power and high-speed computers to mine crypto. If someone is telling you that you can mine crypto with your mobile phone and laptop he is definitely lying.


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