What is Deep Web ?

The Internet is a vast place to explore more then you can imagine its not only about social media or a random search engine , so today we are gonna talk about dark side of the Internet the Dark web.

Before I explain Dark web let me explain you the Internet is made up of three layers.

Surface web , Deep web and last Dark web .

Surface web

It is normal web which we access easily in our daily life like facebook , Instagram , google and many other websites simply speaking sites which you can get just by google search they all falls under surface web. Now back to our main topic Deep web .

Deep web

Deepweb is the part of the internet that cannot be accessed easily by normal browsers. It is used by professionals like journalists, Hackers, and Security agencies like NSA for secure communication.

A large part of the deepweb is still undiscovered and don’t get the wrong idea that it is illegal just by looking its name much content of the deep web is legitimate that includes E-mail messages , chat messages , private content of social media sites , electronic health records that are easily available on surface web .

If you went on deep web most probable you will end up finding nothing its because unlike surface web web pages on deepweb are not indexed on a particular search engine . now we will heading toward Daek web .

Dark web

Dark web is part of deep web and it is more difficult to browse because that place is full of illegal marketplaces and forums where criminal activity is advertised and discussed.

How to access the Dark web ?

As I told earlier deep web cannot be accessed by normal browsers like Google . We are required spacial software like Tor.

accessing content on Deep web is relatively safe because not browser is collecting your data for advertisement and most people who takes their privacy seriously use deep web regularly to maintain it .

The Dark web is intentionally hidden from users and require specific technologies like tor browser and invisible internet project to gain access. Tor will protect your IP while you are visiting websites .

And also you cannot use your regular money for transection on dark web you have to use Bitcoins to make any purchase its because of privacy you cannot track bitcoins like bank account statements so the sellers and buyers both are protected and websites use escow services . Escow is a financial agreement in which third party controls payment between two parties.

Dark web tools and services

Here is the list of services you can find on dark web .

  1. Infections or attacks , including malware.
  2. Support services such as tutorials.
  3. Credentials
  4. Phishing
  5. Customers Data
  6. Financial Data
  7. Intellectual property/trade secrets
  8. Other emerging threads.

Now I think you have pretty much Idea about what deep web is, we will discuss in detail about dark web later, so stay tuned.


I write because I don't like speaking.

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