what is Google Bard? Bard vs chatGPT

what is google bard

What is Google Bard

Google Bard is an AI tool by Google, that answers your queries, in simple words, Bard is an AI chatbot that was created to compete with chatGPT, but it failed miserably.

Since the launch of chatGPT, every tech company joined the AI race to create the best AI chatbot, chatGPT was so popular that it gained more than a million users in less than a month. after a few months, Google also came up with its brand new AI chatbot known as Bard, but in the first attempt, it failed miserably causing a loss of Billions for Google also, everyone made fun of Google because of funny and inaccurate data presented by Bard.

How to use Bard

To use Bard you just need to type Google Bard in the Google search engine and or just click here. You will be redirected to the Bard website. Since Bard is still in the development phase, you will see the Bard Experiment in the top left corner.

Bard vs chatGPT

Here is a simple comparison between Google Bard and chatGPT and in the conclusion I’ll explain why Bard is Far behind the chatGPT bot.

The left one is Bard and the Right one is chatGPT

I asked a simple general knowledge question from both bots and you can clearly see which bot has given me a clear and specific answer.

Now moving to the next question let’s ask some technical questions.

Bard took the code from Github, so we can say that Bard is not generating code itself rather it’s just searching data from the search engine and displaying the information directly from there.

While chatGPT process information and generate the result itself. So, we can simply say that chatGPT won this round clearly.

Is Google Bard Free

Yes, Since Bard is still in the experimental phase, it is completely free, all you need is a Google account and you can use Bard for free.

can Bard beat chatGPT

If we talk about today’s situation, chatGPT is far ahead of Bard, Google is still experimenting with Bard means it’s available for only trials, you can’t use this tool professionally like chatGPT, also Bard was launched by Google in a hurry so they don’t get left behind in AI race but they failed miserably in the starting.

Google has huge data that can help Bard AI to trail and become better day by day. Bard has better resources and a top development team from Google, there are chances in the future that Bard may beat chatGPT but we also have to take into consideration that chatGPT is also improving continuously, so the battle is on, and chatGPT is winning for the time being.

which one you should use?

The answer is clear, for the time being, chatGPT is winning the race so you should use chatGPT for your work if you are doing any professional work you can also buy a premium subscription otherwise there is no restriction on the free version.


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