What is Midjourney Bot? How people are making money with it in 2023

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What is Midjourney bot?

Midjourney is an AI bot that allows you to create beautiful photos just by describing anything in simple English. Midjourney is just like chatGPT the only difference is that chatGPT allows you to ask questions but Midjourney allows you to create beautiful and high-quality graphics from the text.

How to use Midjourney?

Using Midjourney is very simple, you just need a discord account, if you don’t have you can create a discord account for absolutely free. Now you have a discord account, you can now join the Midjourney discord channel for free.

Now to create graphics go to the newcomer’s room and click on the newbie, now you can join the chat and send messages in the group, now in the messages write /imagine (the image you wish to create) and click on send button. Your image will be generated by AI very soon.

How to make money with Midjourney?

Now one of the main questions arrives how can you use Midjourney to make money online?

Well there is a trick and people on the different freelancing sites are already using it, You can be a digital artist using mid-journey and create different illustrations, characters, and many different things, or rather In the day anything that you want, you can create with mid-journey.

And create a gig on Fiverr to sell these services, it’s really very simple, the best thing is that both platforms Fiverr and Midjourney are free to use. Just put in some effort and start making money.

Read more about chatGPT here can you make money with chatGPT?


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