What is VPN? How does it work?

VPN stands for Virtual private network. It is used to mask you IP address while you are browsing the internet. VPN protects your internet traffic and hides you from others. It makes difficult for third party websites and apps to collect your data while you are browsing.

How does it works?

If you know little about the internet you must have an idea about that every device that is connected to the Internet has a unique IP address it looks something like this [] 11 digit number. you are identified by your unique IP address on the Internet so if someone is looking for you on the Internet means he/she is looking for your IP address and once he/she finds you, they can connect with you.

This image explains perfeclty.

VPN is used to hide that IP address and they do so by configuring your IP with their own remote servers, so these servers becomes their primary source of data. That means no one can find you even not your ISP and when you visit any website they won’t be able to collect your data.

Why we use VPN?

A VPN masks you on the public domain means whatever you do people won’t recoganise you. VPNs are mostly used by companies for secure connections for their data protection but it has wide variety of uses.

Access the blocked sites:

You have heard it many times that certain website or content is not available in certain region you can access it simply with the help of VPN. Once you connect to the VPN you can set your location anywhere in the world for example you live in France and you have to watch Netflix series which is banned in France you can simply change your location to Canada where it is available to watch. Don’t get the wrong idea that you have to travel to different locations VPN will do everything for you by masking your IP address.

Reporter found this tools handy because they can exchange sensitive information with fear of getting caught. In countries like China and Saudi Arabia where democracy doesn’t exist you can’t just stand and say anything because they will track you everywhere even on the Internet if you share something which is unfavorable for the government they will hunt you down, that’s where VPN comes into role to save you on the Internet.

How to Use VPN?

Using a VPN is peace of cake but if you are newbie I’ll teach you step by step.

  • Once you are connected to the Internet open VPN software which you are using, remember you have to connect to VPN before opening any browser.
  • Once you connect your device to VPN, it will automatically mask your IP address, you can also choose your custom location.
  • Now you can browse the Internet safely.

Here is the list of Best VPN available in the market.

1.Nord VPN

This is the best VPN you can use right now its simple and easy to use but its not free so you have to pay price for using it, But hey if you are cautious then it’s not actually very high price. check out the pricing.

2 Hola VPN

This is a freemium web and mobile application which provide a form of VPN , you can easily use it just by adding an chrome extension or you can download their mobile app.It uses peer to peer caching.

you can easily access block website with hola , its easy to use. and the best part is you don’t have to open any account or sign up just add extension to chrome and you are ready to go.

3.Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is another premium service provider it is available for all devices. It has 21000+ servers in more then 45 countries. You can enhance your privacy using this tool but I’ll say it’s costly you can find other at cheaper price.

It does the same things as others ie. protect your privacy online.

and its mobile version is free for limited time and after that you will struggle to connect with Internet.

Overall you can go for it if you want to use it for temporarily.

Here is the list of free VPN service providers.

Disclaimer: Don’t get the wrong idea that if you will use VPN no one will ever catch you there are still ways but they are complex not for normal people.


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