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who is luffy

If you are not an anime or otaku fan then you might have heard this name often on the internet, because time after time he does some miracles and breaks the internet with his fan following.

His fan following is all around the globe from kids to old age men everyone is his fan. So, today we will talk about the famous protagonist who has been carrying the anime fandom for the last 20 years straight.

Who is Luffy?

Luffy, also known as Monkey D Luffy, has been the protagonist of the famous anime One Piece for the last 20 years. Monkey D. Luffy is the son of the famous Monkey D. Dragon and legendary marine Monkey D. Garp a vice admiral.

The D in his name has not been explained and it remains a mystery from the start, when the story forwards we might be able to know the secret the secret behind the clan D.

Monkey D. Luffy belongs to a very powerful family or rather we can say that he has very strong background support and also has very powerful allies.

Monkey D. Luffy was born and raised in East Blue and was taken care of by some bandits since he was a kid, his grandpa used to visit him often. From childhood, he wanted to become a pirate kind and when he turned 16 he set for sail in the seas.

Monkey D Luffy powers

Monkey D Luffy gained his power by eating a devil fruit known as Gomu Gomu no mi, and after eating this fruit he gained the power of stretching his body like a rubber, he can be of any shape and come back to normal human form, this power gives him huge advantages in the battle and takes away his ability to swim.

Since he is made of rubber he is not affected by lightening.

Luffy can also enhance his abilities by tricking his body like increasing blood flow to increase his speed and stamina in the fights. He names them gears.

In episode 1070 Luffy awakens his devil fruit power and it increases his ability to the next level now he is able to make other things like rubber.

Straw hat Crew Members

Like the other pirates in One Piece, Luffy started his journey to become a pirate king at the age of 16 and got Zoro as his second member to sail along with the future pirate king.

Here is the list of all Straw Hat Pirate members list

  • Monkey D Luffy
  • Pirate Hunter Zoro
  • Cat Burglar Nami
  • Demon Child Nicho Robin
  • Tony Tony Chopper
  • Brook the Magician
  • Chef Sanji

Monkey D Luffy is the captain of Straw Hat Pirate. He has eaten nica fruit and has the power to stretch his body.

He is the son of legendary dragon and carries the will of D.

Pirate Hunter Zoro is the second member of the Straw Hat Pirate, He uses three sword styles to fight his opponents.

Zoro is the right-hand man of future Pirate King Monkey D Luffy.

Zoro is also known as the king of Hell, he is trained by Mihawak himself during the time skip. Since then he has gotten much stronger.

Zoro has sworn loyalty to Luffy and has decided to make Luffy the pirate king and also become the strongest swordsman in the world.

Ushopp is the third member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he left his village to be a pirate and had a dream of becoming a strong warrior.

Though he is the weakest member of the straw hats, he has proven his worth several times.

Ushopp is the sniper and has perfect shots.

Cat Burglar Nami is the fourth member of the straw hat pirates, she is a skilled thief who was stealing treasures from pirates to free her village from fishermen.

Luffy met with her when she was studying treasure and decided to make her a member of his pirate group, She is also a skilled navigator to be honest Staw hat has no chance of going anywhere without her help.

Winsmoke Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates and also the left-hand man of Monkey D Luffy.

Since Luffy is a big eater he needs a man to cook well for him good meals, and that is why Luffy recruited Sanji.

Sanji is originally from North Blue and he left his home at an early age to escape from his father and brothers.

Sanji joined Luffy to find the all-blue.

Nico Robin is the fifth member of the Straw Hat Pirates, She is a survivor of Ohara, a small island of scholars.

She can read the ponaglifs and find the way to the final island. She met Luffy during Alabasta and joined their crew in the Annys lobby they saved her from government execution.

She is also known as Demon Child.

Chopper is the next member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

He is a doctor and has eaten human fruit and because of that he can walk and talk like a human.

Chopper is a talented doctor who wants to be friends with humans and wants to see the world.

Brook met Luffy during the thriller Bark arc, he was wandering on a ghost ship for years.

He had eaten revived fruit that gave him the ability to get one more life after his death.

Brook is a magician on the Straw Hats ship.

Franky Met Straw Hats in the Water Seven arc when he stole their treasure after Straw Hats saved Franky from Anny’s Lobby.

Franky was declared a pirate and had a bounty on his head, so he decided to join Straw Hats, he is the one who constructed the Sunny.


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