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Boruto is the successor of one of the big 3 anime that have ruled over the last 15 years in the anime community, but its successor has not made quite the impression and there are various reasons for that read the manga to know the differences in manga and actual anime.

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Why does Everyone Hate Boruto So Much?

Boruto is the sequel to the masterpiece Naruto but people don’t quite like it nowadays and they have their own reasons today we are going to discuss the top points why no one likes Boruto.

Trash Boruto Character Writing

Characters in Boruto are baseless and they are created from nowhere and they don’t have any backstories which make people boring and they are overpowered, In Naruto, we have seen the struggle of almost every character and how they became strong with time but Boruto every character is already so strong and they already have everything.

Even if we talk about villains they are not so interesting they just have powers and want to kill Naruto and Boruto without any objective. In Naruto, we have seen how every member of Akastsi had a particular goal but in Boruto they all are just trash with no goals or motivation.

Filler Episodes

In Boruto till now we saw only a few episodes from the main story and the rest are fillers, fillers are very boring because we are introduced to new characters casually and they have given them some serious powers. and filler episodes have no interesting story they are just fillers to fill the number of episodes.

Boruto Filler List

You can see Boruto all filler lists here.

you can read Boruto manga here.

Because it’s Boruto

People hate Boruto so much because it’s Boruto, they have given him so much power and he literally solves everything on it’s own no need for anyone how overpowered he is. Now if we look at Naruto we have seen how hard naruto have worked to get those powers and Boruto just go them from nowhere he also doesn’t respect naruto for his hard work and efforts which Naruto puts to protect the village and they have to show Naruto so weak and helpless after he lost Kurama.

Some people are going to talk about character development but they better know once people reject it there is no going back, they should have ended it with Naruto Shippuden.

and nobody is going to talk about his hairstyle and they have shown old characters so pathetic that no Naruto fan can handle that crap.

Pathetic Animation

If I had to describe Boruto animation I have only one word “Pathetic”, Boruto animation sucks so much that sometimes it feels like we are not watching anime we are just watching some gameplay or someone is just moving slides.

It does not even seem like a video it’s just slideshows.

Boruto doesn’t have any fight scene for more than 3 minutes in the entire series which makes it more boring, giving us more reasons not to watch it.

If you have any more reasons not to watch Boruto then tell us in the comment section.

If you are still interested in watching this crap then you can watch it on Crunchyroll, and if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on this crap then you should just watch it from free sites here.

Boruto Anime

Boruto anime is still going on and till now they have released more the 250 episodes without proper storywriting.


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