Why Ichigo Kurosaki is the Perfect protagonist in the whole anime

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki

Many anime fans are arguing about their best characters who can beat whom. But today I’m gonna talk about my best character in anime till now, For those who haven’t guessed it right now it is Ichigo Kurosaki from Beach anime.

I’ll explain to you everything why I think Ichigo is the perfect protagonist in the whole anime.

Ichigo has Dad

Ichigo is the only character in Big 3 and probably in Shonen manga who grew up with his dad and has good relations with him like a true family. Luffy has a dad too but he didn’t grow up with him, he was raised and taken care of by his grandpa and mountain bandits.

Naruto’s dad the yellow flash was also dead when Naruto was born. Ichigo not only has a dad but also good relations with the family members.

Simple Goals

Unlike the characters who wish to become Pirate King, Hookage, Wizard King, or the strongest one. Ichigo has a simple goal to protect his friends and family and never wants to be involved with other people until they disturb him.

When Ichigo loses his power after defecting Aizen, Orihem tells everyone Ichigo is sad not because he is not able to protect the soul of society and be here, he is sad because he won’t be able to protect his friends now.

Ichigo is cool

Every main character has cool entrances after all they are the ones who carry the whole show but I think Ichigo is way cooler than all of them, because of his different transformations no one has as many transformations in Big 3 as Ichigo has.

From Normal human form to shinigami Shikai form, Bankai Form, wizard form, full hollow transformation, final attack name, Fullbringer form, true Shikai, true Bankai(upcoming). and also Ichigo has some of the best entrances in the anime.

Another cool thing about Ichigo is his shinigami power, he can easily crush anyone just by his presence, his power is badass no matter what the anime is.

Better character design

Ichigo’s character design is also better he is tall, handsome, and has all the best qualities a man has if you talk about other characters in Big 3, they act goofy when they are with girls but Ichigo is built differently.

He also has a caring girlfriend Orihime Inoue who is always shimping over him. He is also not the type of guy who has mercy on girls who are on the opposite side, you can see him in TYBW the separation when he used his full power attack on the girls.


I’m not mocking another character about their look and powers, these are my personal views and I hope every Bleach fan knows this.

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I write because I don't like speaking.

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