Why India doesn’t have double decker trains?

double decker trains

Why India doesn’t have double decker trains?

India has one of the biggest rail networks in the world, It is also the biggest job-providing sector in the world about 16 million Jobs. Despite the advancement in technology Indian railway is still far behind but in recent years, it is growing rapidly there are a few things we need to talk about.

Coming back to today’s topic, why India doesn’t have double-decker trains?

Double-decker trains are considered to be more convenient in many countries but not in India, the problem is that the Indian population travels with a lot of luggage, and in double-decker trains, there are more seats to handle passengers but not enough space to place a lot of baggage, this is the first inconvenience passengers face while traveling in double-decker trains.

The second thing is in double-decker trains fair prices are a lot more than the normal passenger trains and do not value for money, India is known for cheap travel fairs in the trains and anyone can afford to travel in the face of around Rs.10,000 ($100) you can travel across the whole country easily.

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The next problem is that double-decker trains can’t run very fast on the tracks because of the heavy load and also the deacceleration problem and on the curves, they have to be extremely careful in short sentences, Double-decker trains are slower than the normal passenger trains.

The second problem with double-decker trains is the size of the train, these trains are comparatively higher than the normal passenger trains, and many platforms aren’t built high enough to handle them and might cause accidents if handled carelessly.

And if the Indian government tries to upgrade every platform to handle these trains, that would cost a lot of money and that is not something cheap and not worth some failed model trains.

Politicians have played a major role in this, earlier when there was a need to update the infrastructure of railways they didn’t care and kept working on infrastructure made by the Britishers and also kept fooling the public in the name of subsidies and giving people short term joy like giving subsidy on different items, decreasing prices of different goods and services etc.

There are still a few double-decker trains running in the different trackers in fact there are only 5 of them. Here is the list

  1. Mumbai Central Ahmedabad double-decker express

2. Chennai-Banglore double-decker express

3. Lucknow Junction-Anand Vihar Terminal Double-decker express

4. Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla AC double-decker express

5. Vishakhapatnam-Tirupati Double Decker Express

Read more about double-decker trains in India here.

If the Indian government cared about this problem from the start there was some chance that this train might be successful in today’s time but that time has long passed, and there is not enough time or money to waste on the failed projects.

Indian Railways is already working on other models like Vande Bharat Express and it has achieved great success in a short period of time. Vande Bharat is a high-speed passenger train that was launched by PM Modi.


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