Have you just started an theme page or planning to start an theme page? Here are top 5 methods to monatize your Theme Page.>>>

1. Sponcered Posts 

Sponcered posts are primary way to make money from Instagram. In this method you directly promote another page or person on your theme Page

2. Affiliate Marketing 

Promoting affiliate links from your theme page can also generate revenue, depending upon the affiliate ticket size.

3. Paid Collaboration 

Once your account reaches certain number of followers, people will contact you for collaborations you can charge certain amount depending your account reach.

4. Sticker Ads

Using Brand stickers is the only way to make money from reels directly. Brands pay you based on the number of views you get.

5. Page Flipping 

Flipping Theme Pages is also  an Intresting idea. You can buy theme pages with low followers  grow them and sell the page.