How to Start a Theme Page Business in 2024

how to start a theme page business

Theme Pages are getting popular as the audience on social media is growing so today we will learn how to start a theme page business and start making money from it.


Here are the three basic things that are required to start a theme Page business

  • A Mobile Phone/ Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Patience

You can use a smartphone or a laptop to create and edit your post, though I recommend you use a laptop because creating designs is very easy on laptops compared to smartphones.

A stable internet connection for content research takes ideas for your content and uploads it to Instagram.

Patience is the most important of all of them because you are not going to make money from the first day, it may take you months to get your first sponsor.

how to start a theme Page business

Here is an example of a theme page business, you can observe that they are using the same background in all of their posts.

How to Start a Theme Page Business

Starting a Theme Page Business is very Easy, You just need to create an Instagram Business account, creating a Business account is similar to a personal account.

Choose a niche

The very first step is to decide your niche, you should choose your niche very carefully because you will be creating content around this niche, so you must have some knowledge about it.

Some of the popular niches are Tech, Crypto, Fashion, Science, and Meme Pages.

The reason why you should choose your niche carefully is that your business and sponsorships are dependent on this, if you are creating a Theme Page related to science, Finance, and Technology there are high chances of getting high-value sponsorships. Compared to entertainment Pages like Meme and others.

Page Name

Create an Instagram account with a relevant username related to your theme Page if you are creating a theme page related to entertainment then you should choose the name.

Choosing a username is important because it helps you in branding and also if it’s easy people can remember and find you easily on the Internet.

Create a Templet in Canva

Canva is the best free application you can use for editing because it provides millions of free stuff like stock images, premade templates, and objects that you can use for your editing. The reason I’m saying to create a template is because you are going to create your whole posts based on that template.

Now there are many reasons to do so because it makes look your Page professional and when someone visits your page it looks like you are running a professional business which makes it more trustworthy.

What to Post?

You have created a theme Page but don’t know what should you post on your theme Page, well there are many ways to get ideas for your theme Page, many people are already selling reel bundles, and you can buy them according to your category.

A combination of posts and reels is the best way to grow a theme Page. We will discuss more about how to grow theme Pages later in the article.

Other ways to get ideas for your Theme Page are Twitter and YouTube, they are the perfect resource for knowledge and information.

Growing a Theme Page

Creating a Theme Page is a walk in the park anyone can do it in their sleep, the real problem people face while they are growing a theme Page is gaining a theme Page is not like growing some personal account, a Page you have to target audience according to your niche and create content they are interested in.

Now there are two ways to get followers on your theme Page. The First one is to directly buy the Theme Page. There are many websites where you can buy Theme Pages with real followers I have already explained those websites here.

The second way to get followers on your Theme Page is growing your account organically, now this method is complicated and many people will fail in this process and finally quit. Because growing a theme Page organically is a tedious task.

Here are some of the methods that you can follow to grow your account theme Page account.

  • Use Precise hashtags: hashtags are very important because you can reach your targeted audience very easily using hashtags.
  • Promotions: In the Initial stage to get more impressions and reach more and more people you need promotions, now there are many types of promotions you can do like story shootouts, and direct advertising.
  • Collaborations: Collaborating with the Pages in the same niche can grow your Page exponentially because people with the same interests will follow you from the collaborated account.
  • Post Regularly: Posting content regularly is also an important factor for organic growth. You should schedule your posts daily, there are many software that provide automatic post scheduling and automation.
  • Interaction with Audience: Interacting with your audience is very important because it grows your account engagement and Instagram recommends your Page to others also.

How Theme Pages Make Money?

After setting up everything, you might wonder how I’m going to make money after all that.

Well, there are several ways to make money from a Theme Page.

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the primary way to make money from Theme pages, After you reach a certain number of followers like 50K or 100K you can start charging for sponsored posts.

You can cold DM brands to promote their page, post, or product and charge them a certain amount, you can create a template for this using ChatGPT.

If you have a blog or website with affiliate links, you can promote it using your Instagram, you just have to create posts related to that product and link it in your bio.

3. Stiker Ads on reels

This is another way to make money using Instagram, if your reels are going viral, you can paste ad stickers from brands and they will pay you according to your video views, the more views your video gets the more you are going to be paid.

4. Collaborations

Collaborations with pages that have fewer followers can also make you money, For many pages and brands that are interested in collaborations you need a huge audience and reach for collaborations with brands.

Big Pages can charge up to $1000 for a single reel.

5. Dropshipping

You can start your dropshipping business leveraging your Instagram theme page, this is quite simple you search for a product related to your theme page, post some reels and stories, and give the store link in your bio.

You can make good money if you have decent followers like 100K-150K. Even if there is conversion rate of 1%.

6. Selling Courses

Course selling is one of the very profitable businesses to generate profits because it requires only one time investment and you can sell it unlimited times.

You can either sell your courses or promote other’s courses based on commission. Selling courses is one of the best money-makers for creators on social media.

If you have $1000

If you have $1000 to spare, Then I would advise you to invest that in this business, just buy some theme Pages already with the niches that you are interested in creating content about, or another way to hire a social media manager, you can get a manager on Fiverr in around $50-100.

Now buy the pages and give him to manage and since you bought pages with followers and engagements you will start making money from day 1 or 2.

Please check the engagement on the Pages before buying because many sellers are selling with bit followers, in that case, you will lose all your money. Check whether the platform you are buying from providing escrow or not, if not that’s a big red flag.

How Much Can You Make From Instagram Theme Page?

This is a very important question everyone asks before starting a Theme Page because at the end of the day. money is all that matters in business.

A regular account with followers around 300K-400K can make $100-$300 per day depending upon your engagement and how much you are gonna charge. also, this amount differs on the particular niche.

As I already told you Theme Pages with particular niches like Technology, Finance, and Money related topics make more money than Theme Pages others.

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