Youtube automation is getting popular with the rapid growth of new AI tools.

So here are 6 Youtube automation channel Ideas

1. Space Science 

Space Science videos are very popular on youtube because it brings viewers curiosity, also its easy to monatize them.

2. History 

History channel are generating tonns of views everyday just by telling some random events from the history.

3. Technology

Technology is growing rapidly in the mordern era and people are finding it difficult to keep up with it.

Maybe you can help them with your automation channel

4. Facts 

facts chennels are still very popular after years.

You can start your youtube automation journey with fact channel.

5. Business and Finance 

You can make people finencially aware by creating content about Business and FInance and also provide them business analysis.

6. Motivation

Motivation Channels are ever green, and also creating motivational videos are easy, contents are easily available.

7. StoryTelling 

Story channels are same as hitory channels, but here you have lot of options like children stories,