How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel and Make Money in 2024

How to Start A YouTube Automation Channel

Many Influencers on different platforms are talking about this business model that can generate thousands of dollars for you as a passive, working just for a few hours a day. If you are smart enough you might have guessed it till now, we are talking about Youtube Automation Business. Today we will learn how to start a YouTube automation channel step by step and make money.

YouTube automation is not something new that came out of the box suddenly, it has existed for years and many popular YouTube channels are already doing this but since AI tools came into the market it became much easier to start an automation channel.

What Exactly is YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation is a business model in which you outsource video materials like script, voice, images, and video clips and compile everything together to make a complete video and then you can upload it on different video streaming platforms like YouTube, and Facebook to monetize them.

In this process, you need to hire script writers, you can also use AI to generate scripts but you need to edit them according to the video content, The next step is to hire an editor who will edit your all videos and the final step is to review video and upload it. There are a lot of things that you need to handle yourself like content research or you can either hire another person to take care of it.

YouTube automation seems easy when you look from the outside but this is more complicated than you can think, If you are thinking this is some easy money that you can get your hands on, You certainly are mistaken. I will explain how to start a YouTube automation channel step by step that can generate revenue.

How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel in 5 Steps

Step 1: Decide a Profitable Niche

Nice selection is one of the basic criteria while starting a YouTube channel, we already discussed that since AI has entered the creator market, it has become very easy to create content without much time. So there are a lot of creators out there already making tons of content with the help of AI that is the reason you have to select your niche carefully.

There are a few parameters you can check look while selecting a profitable niche.

  1. Should be unique
  2. Easy to monetize
  3. Should have high CPC
  4. Focus on a Large audience

Step 2: Assemble Your Automation Team

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The next step is to build and assemble a team that can produce high-quality videos for YouTube, for this, you need a creative script writer who can hook and engage the audience with his story. The second one you need is a voice-over artist to grab your audience’s attention and the third is to craft a high-quality video.

You need to choose them carefully because this is the base of your automation business. If you are unable to produce high-quality content your videos won’t be able to make money and your investment will go in veins.

There are many platforms where you can find creative and hardworking employees for your automation team like :

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. Freelancer

Pro tip: Don’t hire editors and writers directly from social media, their charges are high although they produce high-quality content you can get at lower prices on these platforms.

You will spend around $100-150 to produce a high-quality video. I will explain about the cost and how can you reduce it later.

Step 3: Use AI Tools

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AI tools have made great advancements in the content creation industry like writing scripts, and generative AI to create videos and photos. There are a few tools popular tools that you can use for your automation business like:

  1. ChatGPT: For writing scripts
  2. Elevenlabs: For creating voice from your script.
  3. Midjourney: For pictures used in your videos

Using AI tools doesn’t mean that you can reduce your costs, there are a few things you need to note, these AI tools are not free and after a few attempts, you will need to buy their monthly or yearly subscription.

Also, these AI tools are not fully efficient and you need a final touch before uploading on your channel. If you do some calculations you will understand that hiring a team is best rather than depending on AI tools.

Step 4: Schedule your Content

As a content creator, you must know the value of schedules and deadlines that is the reason you should use tools to schedule your content. Create an efficient plan so that your team can work efficiently within given deadlines.

Also, you need to keep track of the work like assigning tasks, work progress and

Various tools can help you to automate your content like:

  1. Tubebuddy
  2. SproutSocial
  3. Agorapulse
  5. Hootsuite

Using these social media management tools you can easily schedule your content.

Step 5: Monetization

After publishing the video, here comes the most important part and that is monetizing the video that you have published. Now there is more than one way to monetize your content but the primary method is YouTube ads.

Various criteria have to be fulfilled to be eligible for YouTube ad monetization:

  1. 1,000 Subscribers
  2. 4,000 Public watch hours in the last 12 months or 10 Million valid public short views.
  3. Must have an AdSense account
  4. Should not have copyright strikes
  5. YouTube Partner Program Must be available in your country

Now apart from YouTube ads, there are more ways to make money from YouTube we will talk in detail about them too.

6 Ways To Make Money From YouTube Channel

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to make money from YouTube, you just have to explain the product and give the product link in your description. You will get paid when people will buy your product.
  2. YouTube Partner Program: The YouTube partner program is the primary method to make money from YouTube,
  3. Brand Sponsorships: Brand sponsorships generate more revenue combined with ad revenue and affiliate marketing.
  4. Exclusive Channel Membership: Channel memberships are also a method to make money
  5. Selling Digital Products: Selling products from your YouTube channel is also possible, you already have an audience link to the product in your description or bio, and people will start buying your digital products.
  6. Derive traffic to the Blog website: If you already own a blog website, you can redirect your YouTube traffic to your blog and generate sales or ad revenue.

How Much Money Do You Need?

I already told you YouTube automation is not something that you can start without money, you need to spend some money on resources and put everything together. let’s do some calculations, how much money you will need to spend per video?

First of all, you need a professional scriptwriter, If you are thinking about writing scripts with ChatGPT or any other AI tools, don’t do it, they can write a general script but if you are going to set up a professional channel hire a writer in the Initial stage. That would cost you around $20-$30 per script.

Next, you need to hire a professional video editor, the more appealing your video looks, the more audience you can engage. It would cost you around $70-$90 per video.

Third you need a professional thumbnail editor. You can find it easily in $10-$15 per thumbnail.

Writer: $20-$30

Editor: $70-$90

Thumbnail Editor: $10-$15

Total: $100-$150

You need to spend around $100-$150 per video. If you are producing 10 videos monthly, Your budget should be around $1000-$2000. That is not very high considering the future ROI.

10 YouTube Automation Channel Ideas

Here are the top 10 YouTube automation Channel Ideas that you can choose from, they are popular and have a large audience base.

  1. Astrophysics

2. Horror Story

3. Fun Facts

4. Movie Explanation

5. Science

6. Puzzle Solving

7. Business and Finance

8. Lifestyle

9. Money

10. Motivation

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Automation Business

YouTube automation is not something that you can just start today and from tomorrow you can kick your full-time job. There are many problems you will face while starting a YouTube automation we will talk about them.

Advantages of YouTube Automation

  1. YouTube automation is easy compared to other businesses and anyone can start it with minimum investment.
  2. Once your channel starts generating more revenue you can easily scale your business.
  3. It helps you to build an audience base that you can monetize by selling courses or redirecting traffic to your blog website.
  4. Creating more than one revenue source like selling online courses, affiliate marketing, and also paid promotions generates lots of revenue.

Disadvantages of YouTube Automation

  1. There is no guarantee of success, your video can go viral on the first day or it can in a month.
  2. The market is saturated, I already explained how AI tools are affecting the creator industry, and there are more and more new creators in the market.
  3. Automation channels that are using AI are hard to monetize and there is a high probability that you won’t be able to monetize.
  4. It takes time and hard work, to manage everything, there is a high probability that you cannot manage it part time. Influencers always portray that you can do it part-time, believe me, I have tried and it doesn’t work.


Starting a YouTube automation is not a get-rich-quick scheme and requires consistency and dedication. There is no guarantee that you will be successful on YouTube in a few months. It can take you years. But if you work consistently you will get results.

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