Resin Crafts are  getting popular in the market becuause of lower price and high profit margins.

So. Let's learn how to start resin craft in 5 Steps>>>

1. Decide Your Product 

Fist Step would be to choose the right product that people are willing to buy online.

2. Gather Raw Materials 

Once you have decided the product you need to buy the raw materials according to the requirement like resin, moulds, frames, chains and more.

3. Create Your Product 

The next step is to create your products, you you don't knwo how just search on youtube. There are many people teaching how to do it.

4. Create Your Website 

Our Next step is to steup our own website where we can sell our products  to customers directly.

5. Pack and Ship

Once You start recieving order on your website, you can pack and ship the products to your customers directly.