Business promotions are essentials for any business, So here are methods that you can use to promote your business for free on social media

1. Create a Business Account 

Social media platfroms provides you the facility to open business accounts, that gives you some extra features like audience tracking, engagement rates and conversion.

2. Content Planning 

To grow of social media you need to post regular content related to your business, that will help customers to navigate your brand.

3. Engagement

Social Media is not only about posting content, but engaging with your audience like replying to comments, DMs and engaging with other accounts.

4. Collaboration With Creators 

Partnering with other creators will help you to get to side audience. New creators use this tecniques to gain more followers.

5. Link Your Product 

Always  link your product wit the content you are sharing, via directly link yo your store.

This will increase your conversion rate.

6. Free Giveaways 

Organizing free giveaways are one of the fastest way to attract audience to you. You can also use this tecnique to increase your engagement.

7. Joining Groups and communities 

Joining groups and communities and sharing content with them will also help you to grow your audience.