How To Promote Your Small Business On Social Media For Free

how to promote your small business on social media for free

Are you a business owner with a tight budget for advertising and promotions, well don’t worry in the modern social media age, you don’t need to spend heavily on advertising because all social media platforms are free for advertising to reach your organic audience.

So, today we will discuss how can a small business owner promote his or her business on social media for absolutely free.

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Today every brand has a presence on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and they continuously post content from their social media handles. they have a professional social media handling team, why are they doing so?

Well, ofcourse social media provides opportunities for content with millions of people every day for free, in this way, they are doing their free promotions and also it builds brand loyalty.

So, let’s build your own social professional social media handle and connect with millions of online customers. Before doing that there are a few things you need like:

  1. A brand name
  2. Logo For your Brand

The logo is a must for any business online, it helps customers recognize you easily and makes you stand out in the crowd, since there are millions of creators online there is a high possibility that you would get lost, so you need a brand name and logo that will make you stand out.

How To Promote Your Small Business On Social Media For Free

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1. Create a Business Account

Every social media platform provides you with the facility of opening a business account, so the first step is to sign up for a business account on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

A business account provides you the facility to provide more information about your posts like engagements, views, clicks, and more, which will help you to analyze your audience and based on that you can post content that attracts your niche.

2. Plan Your Content

This might seem like you are being a creator instead of just doing business but believe me it’s worth it. Just follow my plan, I do the same for my blogging schedules.

Now, Plan content according to your niche if you are selling sneakers, you need to gather the content idea that is directly related to sneakers, what will this do, it would attract customers that are already interested in sneakers.

How do I gather Ideas?

Simply just go to the chatbot and write the command to generate post ideas for your social media content and it will automatically generate the idea.

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3. Schedule your Content

Scheduling can save a lot of time for you, today almost every creator uses scheduling to publish their content at the right time.

This will give you enough time to plan your next content ideas also, there might be some problems that you may have to face in the future and you will be unable to post, scheduling helps you there.

4. Engage On Social Media

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Engage with your audience on social media, many people post their content and go to sleep, but that’s not the right way.

You must interact with your audience on social media platforms by replying to comments, liking comments, writing engaging captions, replying to DM, and creating stories regularly.

5. Collaborate With Creators

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Collaborating with small creators working in the same niche can be a wise decision, there will be many creators who gladly accept the offer for free collaborations.

It will help you to build an organic audience and free marketing for your business. Popular brands hire big creators and pay millions of dollars but emerging creators can be collaborated for free.

Sometimes you need to send them your product, and they would review it for free. this trick works most of the time.

While creating content you should be aware of your domain, you have to create content related to your products only like if you are selling a facewash, you can create content like how home remedies affect your face.

How your product is better than home remedies etc, you can also use answerthepublic tool to find what creators are searching for in your field currently.

7. Host Contest and Free Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the best ways to collect an audience quickly, in this process you have to create a campaign and decide what are you giving to the winner.

For a free giveaway, you can put some conditions like following the page and sharing content with your friends, subscribing to the channel, or whatever you wish to do with your followers.

Remember the more tempting the prizes are the more people will be interested in it and the more reach you will get. This strategy works because it requires minimum effort.

8. Join The Groups and Communities

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There are various groups and pages you can join and follow, that will allow you to share your content, remember that not all groups will allow you to directly advertise on their pages or groups.

So you need to be creative like make a meme and embed your product.

Another option is to create your community like your Instagram Page or group where you can share anything freely but to reach the audience you need to engage.

9. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are very important to search for anything and categorize your post on social media platforms, the interesting part is that you can create your hashtags or use a popular hashtag, where there is already an established audience present.

You must always use hashtags relevant to your products and services that help you to attract the right audience.

10. Follow the Trend

Trends are very important on social media platforms that can help you to gain a lot of attraction on your account if you use them carefully. major social media brands use trends most of the time and get their posts viral in no time.

Trends can boost your posts to a wide audience in a short time.

You might have seen people on YouTube creating videos on trending topics like crypto, bitcoin, and NFTs, those are the trending topics that a lot of people are searching for and interested in, It can demand and supply.

Pros and Cons of Promoting Small Business On Social Media

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  1. Social Media Can help your business to grow up to 20x within a short period.
  2. Social Media establishes a brand identity for your business.
  3. The conversion rate is very high on social media which means you need only one viral post and you can make enough sales in a day that you are making in a month.
  4. It allows brands to connect to their customers easily which builds brand loyalty and trust.
  5. Organic reach on social media can help your business with spending a single penny on paid advertisement.


  1. Social Media growth takes time, and mostly growth is exponential means you can keep posting for months and you won’t see any growth but suddenly your post will start gaining attention.
  2. It consumes a lot of time to create content and there is the possibility that you would need an extra person to manage your social handles.
  3. Social Media accounts are also vulnerable to content violations and hackers.
  4. You have to be consistent on social media to grow, it’s not like I will post today and next after a week.
  5. In the initial days, you will face trouble in reaching an audience and nobody will help you that’s the reality on social media.


Social media is the best place to build your business, countless brands have grown significantly in a short period on social media. It not only helps businesses but also creators to make money by collaborating with brands and paid sponsorships.

Today social media plays a significant role in every industry to reach the right audience and consumers. There are Social Media Agencies specialized in making brands on social media.

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