Top 5 Apps to Make Money In India

Top 5 Apps to Make Money In India

Everyone wants to make money online and fast and one of the most important things that they forget is that it’s not so easy to make money online until or unless you have followers for any particular skill, we thought about this and came to the conclusion that there are hundreds of ways to make money online and with the passage of time opportunities are also growing. So we came up with the idea of making money with apps.

Top 5 Apps to Make Money In India


Probo is a Q&A app where users can make money just by answering simple questions, in the field of their interest like Politics, the Internet, Celebrities, Sports and technology, etc.

You can easily register on Probo just with your phone no.

There are more than one ways to earn on Probo

  • Daily Bonus
  • Invite Users
  • You make 10% every time your friend wins.

You need to verify KYC before you can withdraw your money. Get ₹ 15 bonus on Probo now.

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This is another prediction app that allows you to predict various events and make money with it. Working on this app is very simple, you have to register first and then. Join the contest or rather you can say question pool.

Once your prediction is correct you make money and if it is wrong you lose your amount invested, sounds like fun right?

You can predict the outcome in Yes or No. The price mentioned in the box is the joining amount you need to pay to join that prediction.

You can trade here by setting your own price. and also choose your area of interest to get better winning chances.


Groww is an investing app and also there is another way to make money in this and that is an online referral. To refer to each user you are paid 100 and you can refer as many as friends you want.

You can also invest that money in stocks, Mutual Funds, and US stocks with zero account charges.


Indmoney is a money management app that allows you to invest directly in US stocks. The best part is that you don’t need to buy the whole sock you can buy a fragment of it and grow it with time.

Features of Indmoney

  • Zero commission investing
  • Zero a/c opening fee.
  • manage all your expenses across investments, loans, and taxes all in one place.
  • Auto-track all your expenses throughout the day.
  • Tax benefits on premium paid.


This is a perfect earning app for students, where you can sell your notes in PDF format to other students.

All you need to do is register on this app and share or upload your notes to help other students. You can easily earn your pocket money with little effort.

This platform allows users to upload handwritten notes on various courses and competitive exams. Not only for students but also for teachers.

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