5 Best Platforms to Teach Online in 2024

best platforms to teach online

Since the start of the pandemic, online teaching has shown rapid growth on the internet. also because of that many online teaching startups like Unaademy, Byjus, Whitehat Junior, and Physicswallah have had massive growth in recent years. So, we are here with the 5 best platforms to teach online.

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Once Alakh Pandey said that if he teaches offline he can teach only about 5k-6k students in his lifetime but on the Internet, he can teach millions of students at once, so if you also have some vision or toy just want to teach online to make extra income then we are here with the best platforms where you can teach online.

There are many benefits to online teaching:

  1. Low Setup cost.
  2. Can work from home.
  3. Flexible working hours.
  4. No pressure from upper authorities.
  5. Can set your fees.
  6. Easy to get to a large number of students at a time.

5 Best Platforms to Teach Online

This is an online platform where you can teach college students, and get paid up to $10-15 per hour.

You can do many things on this platform like create a course, solve doubts, complete assignments, and take regular classes.

You can register here for absolutely free and receive payment in your PayPal wallet. Chegg is the most popular online teaching platform in the world. You should try it once.

Udemy is the biggest platform for online courses, you can find courses here on almost every topic from web development to personal development you just name it everything is available here from the best tutors in the world.

The idea is simple here, sign up for the Udemy tutors, and then you create a course in video format organize it in order, and upload it on the Udemy platform. It’s wise to create a presentation in PDF format to provide in the form of notes.

If you need any help they have their instructors team to help you at every point. And Instructor dashboard will help you to keep everything organized.

Once your course starts selling you will get paid. Most of the courses are here for under $100. What are you waiting for sign up as a teacher now and start spreading your valuable information.

Also, this platform is available worldwide so you don’t have to worry about the language, English is the most used language on this platform and if anyone needs it any other language platform will automatically translate it, into its required language.

This is another ed-tech platform that was launched recently and it is almost the same as Udemy where people can enroll in the courses, the only difference is that they provide a monthly subscription for courses.

Skillshare’s new teacher program is designed to support new teachers in their journey, there are hundreds of topics on which you choose according to your professional area and simply start creating new courses.

You have to follow easy steps to upload your course, First of all, record your course and publish it with an easy class upload tool any time. Once you record and publish it on the platform you can also share it to promote it so you can attract more students if you have social followers.

The payment method is also a little bit different here, You’ll be paid monthly for every member who watches your classes. You can get full details about classes and money here.

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best video-sharing platforms in the world and since data became cheap, traffic on YouTube has grown exponentially not only negatively but also positively.

YouTube doesn’t give you money directly for teaching on its platform, it has a simple business model once your channel is monetized your videos will start displaying ads and when someone clicks on that ad you will get paid.

It takes some time to grow on YouTube maybe years but once your audience is set up you don’t have to do much as long your videos are on YouTube, students will watch it and you will get paid with your ad revenue.

There are also many ways besides ad revenue to make money like Creating a course and selling it on your website, paid sponsorships, and diverting your students to a specific platform, this strategy is used by many platforms like Unacademy, Vedantu, and Bujus.

what they do is simply create a YouTube channel and teach a few chapters and when they have enough students following them they divert them to their platform to teach the further course.

Many companies started from small YouTube channels and now some of them are even Billion-dollar startups like Physics Wallah and Unacademy. So if you are chasing a big dream then Youtube is there for you.

Preply is a platform on which you can teach more than 100 subjects including language from school to university level, from hobbies to professional courses.

There are a few easy steps to becoming a tutor on Preply Provide some basic information about yourself, Upload your photo, Describe your experience, record a short introduction video, and choose your availability once your profile is approved, students from all around the world will see it on Preply and able to book a lesson with you.

The most amazing feature here is that you can set your hourly rate, On average English tutor charges $15-25 per hour. You can decide your working hours. This website is similar to Chegg.

Connect with thousands of learners from all around the globe and teach them from your living room.

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