How much money can you make from YouTube?

How much money can you make from YouTube?

How much money can you make from YouTube

YouTube has grown quite a lot since the last decade, because of the availability of the Internet across the globe and also providing value along with entertainment, there are millions of creators on the Internet who are creating content for YouTube and keeping their audience engaged.

Now you might be thinking how much creators actually make from those videos, in short, on average YouTube in India makes between $200-500 per month while in the US an average Youtuber makes between $800-2000 this is because of high CPC and developed countries offer more for the advertising.

There are various factors on which your YouTube revenue depends if you are creating content related to entertainment your ad revenue will be less than the content related to Finance, Technology, Education, etc, this is because the ad that runs on these kinds of content are high CPC ads.

Creating engaging contents that people like and share that peovide value to your audience is the best way of growing on this platforms, Youtube can make you rich you just need to work hard and keep doing it, makny popular youtubers like Mr Beast, MKBHD, Carryminati have been on youtube for more than 10 years and today they are stars.

how much money can you make from YouTube with 1 million subscribers?

Honestly speaking, Youtube doesn’t pay for having more subscribers, Youtube pays you for ads that are displayed on your videos how many impressions your video got, and how many people interacted with the ads. Having more subscribers ensures that more and more people are interested in your content and if they have subscribed to your channel they will see the video as soon as you upload them.

Having more subscribers will get you more impressions more people will watch your video and ultimately you will get more ad impressions and will generate more revenue. If you have organic 1 Million subscribers then you can make between $700,000-$100,000 per year with just ad revenue. Totally excluding the sponsorships.

How to Make Money From Youtube

Many people think that youtube ad is the only way to monatize their channel, if you are one of them you are certainly mistaken my friend, there is more than one way to make money from YouTube. I have explained every one of them. Here are the diffrent ways to monatize your channel.

Youtube Monatization

Youtube ad monatization is the primary way to make money from youtbe, there are some criteria you need to fulfill in order to monatize your youtube channel like:

  • 4000 Hours of watch time.
  • 1000 Subscribers in the last 365 days
  • Channel Should not have active copyright strikes.
  • Channel should follow all the youtube community guidelines.

There are many factors on which youtube revenue depends like


CPM is the amount of money that advertiser pays to the creators for every 1,000 impresion on ad. This amount varies and depends upon the country you are living in, for developed countries like US, UK, Canada CPM is very high from $6-$15 and above. Currentyl Norway has the best CPM rate of $44.


Cost Per Click (CPC) is the amount of money creators gets when someone clicks on the ads that is running on their videos.

Brand Spnocerships

If you have decent number of subscribers and getting views you will start getting brand sponcerships to promote their products and you can charge them according to your channel engegement and reach like a channel with 100-200k subscribers can charge between $4000-5000K depending upon the niche.

Affiliate Marketing

You can join any affiliate program to generate secondary revenue like Amazon Affiliate Program that will generate you 10-20% commission for each sale. You can directly review the product and add the product link in the description.

Learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Business Promotion

If you are a business owner then it is compulsary for you to create a youtube channel becasue from their you can generate more and more sales for your business and your brand will get free promtions and organic reach. There are many businesses that started from a small youtube channel like Unacademy, PhysicsWallah and today they are a startup.

Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium is another way of making money of the youtube, There are many people who are don’t want to see ads thus they have youtube premium, your video will be only visible to the premium subscribers and youtube will share some of the revenue with its creators.


Livestreaming is another way to make money on youtube, you might have seen many youtubers and straming games all day and fans are donating money to them with superchats, Youtube takes some % of that and pays rest to the streamers.

Which Niche Pays the Best CPC

There are many categories that pay the best CPC on YouTube:

  • Personal Finance : Creating videos related to the money, how to make and manage money are the niches that have high CPC ads.
  • Business : Creating videos relates to businesse, how to start a business, business case studies and more the topics that you can cover in this niche.
  • Real Estate: Exploring the real state market you can sell your real eatste properties by showing it on youtube and also generate youtube revenue.
  • Technology : technology is hige field that allows you to explore many fields like Internet, Science, Medicine, Agriculture everywhere tehnology is used, you can take any field relivent to your knowledge and start creating videos on that.
  • Automobiles : Automobile is one of the fastes growing sector in the developing and developed countries, If you are intrested in autombiles you can start making videos on cars, bikes and their reviews.
  • Education : Youtube is one of the best platform for teachers to connect with their students, they can create videos or livestream directly on youtube. They can also market their personal courses.
  • Tourism : If you are a traveller, than you can capture and share your journey experience on youtube, people love watching travel blog.
  • Beauty and Fashion : Beauty and Fashion is another nich that have high demand in this niche there is high chance of getting promotions easily.
  • Sports : Sport has has a high fanbase worldwide whether you are a soccer fan or cricket fan, you can write about your favorite player and people will find you on the Internet.
  • Entertainment : This is the biggest nihe where people are making most of the money, If you have any talent like singing, dacing or any other. You can make comedy videos, reaction channel there are unlimited possibilities here.

Here are 15 incredible youtube channel Ideas without showing your face.

Tip :

Please don’t choose the topic based on the CPC if you are not interested in it and have no passion for it because if you don’t have passion for it ultimately now day will come when you won’t get results and will give up That is why you need be passionate about it so that even if you are not getting results from it you need to continue because no one succeeds on platforms like these on day 1.

If you don’t know your passion yet, start anything and ultimately you will find your passion one day.


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