17 Rental Business Ideas to Make Money

profitable rental business ideas to make money

Renting Business has an ancient history and today with the growing need and rising prices people prefer to rent many things rather than own them. So today, we will discuss some rental business ideas to make money, I will explain how they work and how much you can expect to make.

Renting business is more profitable for businesses and also economical for consumers because they don’t have to pay the full amount. In the software industry, you might have seen subscription-based purchases, they are simply renting their services for a particular period. Both the consumers are the owners are satisfied here.

There are many factors on which your renting business can generate revenue and profit. The more resources you have, the more you can generate, or the more demand your product has, the more profit you can generate. Every business has good and bad sides, and we will discuss them too.

Rental Business Ideas to Make Money

1. Car Rental

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The car rental Business is very popular everywhere, especially in places where a lot of tourists visit like mountain areas where people like to enjoy the views and also when people like to enjoy the city at night they rent cars.

Car rental businesses can be very successful because you can buy 2nd hand carts at cheap prices. Repair them and then place them for rent.

As the business starts making a profit, you can also start growing your business by opening more stores in the nearby cities with potential.

2. Bike Rental

Bike Rental Business is similar to car rental you buy some bikes or mini scooters and put them on rent, these businesses are very popular on beaches and also in cities like University and college students who are abroad do not buy new bikes, They just rent it if they needed for fun.

Many new startups offer bike taxis so you can start renting your bikes to people who don’t have one and pay them for running tour bike as a taxi.

3. Space Rental

Space rental is a one-time investment business with high profits, if you have some space anywhere, you can either build something like a storehouse, or a shopping center and rent it, and you will keep making a profit for the rest of your life.

4. Book Rental

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I’m a college student, at the start of each semester I buy old books and at the end of the semester I sell them and the other students do the same, Now think of it as a business opportunity how many books you can sell for rent.

Generally, they sell old books at 60% of the original new book price and buy it at 30% when you sell them. You can do the same, many people buy books by weight at really cheap prices and sell and rent them, there are many books in medicine and engineering that many students can’t afford so they rent them.

This business is a one-time investment opportunity that has the potential to generate guaranteed profits.

5. Cloth Renting

Wedding is a festival in India, each year millions of marriages take place and people spend lakhs of rupees on their wedding ceremonies and buy a lot of stuff but clothes are the most important of them. You can also take the Halloween costume as another example.

People buy wedding clothes but only wear them once or twice since they are only wearable on particular occasions, and they are more costly than normal clothes. People prefer to rent them instead of buying them. So, you can start renting clothes and grow your business.

6. Jewelry Rental

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This year for my sister’s marriage she rented some jewelry for around Rupees 1000, for some artificial jewelry and when I checked the actual price of the jewelry it was around Rupees 1500, Now you can understand how profitable this business is.

Anyone can start a Jewelry renting business and it’s surprisingly very cheap for an initial investment, and also there is very little risk of damage because of the low cost.

7. Vacation Home rental

If you have a property in a vacation area, you can start renting your place to make more money, this is a very profitable and evergreen business that runs through the year. You can list them on different platforms like Airbnb, OYO, and Booking.com

This is a one-time investment business and you can also scale that if you have more space.

8. Camera Rental

Digital cameras are very costly, most people can’t afford them so you can start a camera renting business, this is a very high-in-demand business because today everywhere you go whether it’s a party, wedding, or any social event you will find a guy with a camera.

This is also a one-time investment business but you also have to consider the malfunction possibility since it is electronic equipment make sure your product is under guarantee for 4-5 years.

9. Manga Renting

Anime and Manga Fandom is growing rapidly, all around the globe means there are more business opportunities here, Manga are very popular but they are costly, and once someone reads them there is nothing to do with them until or unless you are a collector.

Then people throw it, and here lies the opportunity, you can start renting manga books, websites like Wiz and shonin jump are already doing this online but there is a different feel in hard copy, and fans buy it anyway.

This is also a one-time investment business and the best part is that you can start it from your garage.

10. Wedding/Party Equipment Rentals

There are many someone requires when he is hosting a party like some chairs, sofas, fans and coolers, mats, and all decorative items required in a wedding function, You can rent them, also you can get orders from the corporate events like a seminar, live show, etc.

this is one of the best examples of rental business ideas to make money, especially in a country like India where there is a separate wedding season.

11. Computer Rental

I still remember when I used to pay for using a computer hourly, You could open a cyber cafe and rest computers. There are many places where this business can run very smoothly like in cities a towns. You might have heard about the Tokyo cafe where people spend their whole night in the cafe.

This is a one-time investment business, and you can find used computers at a very cheap price. Just need some repairing, renting a place and you are good to go.

12. Game Rental

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Gaming accessories are becoming more and more costly day by day today PlayStation can cost up to $1000, so you can start renting PlayStation and games or rather you can start a PlayStation shop where you can rent your gaming station for an hour or two and charge them accordingly.

Three or four years earlier, when I used to go PlayStation they used to charge Rs. 30 an hour for PS3 and 40 for PS4 but today they are charging more because of the new PS5.

Also, this is an evergreen business because the gaming craze is growing day by day. and there is no stopping, and kids play games after school for a decade. Games like GTA, Call of Duty, and God of War snatched the kid’s attention in the game.

From a business point of view, this is almost a one-time investment business, and after that, all is your profit.

13. Luxury Car Rental

Car rental is one of the most common forms of rental business ideas to make money because of the low risk and high-profit margin.

People love showing off and you can take this as the perfect opportunity, there are many occasions like weddings, Parties, and events where people like to go in a luxury car so people notice them.

This is a great business opportunity for anyone who is looking to start a rental business, please note that you need some cash to start this business because you will be buying some used cars and repairing them like new ones.

You also need to keep investing from the profit generated because you need to repair them from time to time.

14. Boat Rental

Boat rental is another rental business with geographical opportunity, You need to find a tourist destination, a beach, the beach is the best place to start this business, people go to the beach to enjoy and have a lot of news, and also rent boats.

This is a seasonal business, you need to keep it in mind before starting. Because no one goes to the sea during the rainy season.

15. Taxi Rental

This may sound the same as car rental but a bit different, from taxi rental you buy a vehicle that can be new or old, and hire a taxi driver, there would be many people looking for driving jobs, hire them at some fixed price. They will run your taxi and you will start generating profit.

Online taxi offering companies like Ola and Uber allow you to register multiple vehicles and track their activities from your home.

16. Office Space Rental

Office Space Rental is another extravagant business idea because if you have some space on a potential spot, building an office and renting it is the best thing you can do with it.

Many startups search for offices in the cities so their employees can reach them from everywhere quickly and efficiently that is why every major corporation tries to set up their office in the city center, also 99% of the companies rent office space and these are only rare companies that have wide presence and making a lot of cash like Amazon, Flipkart, and Google but the actual land. Others just rent them.

17. Truck Rental

The logistics business is another example of profitable rental business ideas to make money and is proliferating, especially in developing countries like India and the Philippines, A lot of couriers are needed to send from one place to another, You can rent your Truck to courier companies and other services that need them.

Truck rental can generate you good amount of cash, you need to keep in mind that renting a truck is also the riskiest business because we don’t know what will happen on the road, so every possibility should be kept in mind before jumping to the business.

These are some prime rental business ideas to make money that the majority of people are using, ofcourse there are many more left that people are doing and are profitable, you can find more examples in our daily life, if you have one please let us know in the comment section.

18. Equipment Rental

Renting equipment such as bike gears, mountain tracking suits, machinery and other small equipment can be also part of the rental business. You can search for the Facebook marketplace and look at what people are searching there for rent, you would get a pretty good idea about renting equipment.

19. Apartment Rental

Apartment rental is part of the real estate business where people rent their apartment or space of the room, this is a pretty good way to make money assuming that you have

20. Costume Rental Business

Costumes are getting popular at celebrations and parties. People buy and use it only once or twice and leave it like that, you can give them a solution to that, so they don’t have to buy it for single use.

Halloween costumes and cosplays are getting popular on the internet, so there is demand for these costumes.

Why Renting? Instead of Buying

You might be thinking why would people rent it instead of just buying it? Well, there are many possibilities for that, the first one is of course money, not everyone can just buy a house that’s why they rent it. and the second reason is that there is no certainty that the business you are starting won’t fail that is why companies rent offices.

If you are going somewhere outside of your state, for some enjoyment, there is no way you are going with your bike you can go by train and then rent the bike when you reach there.

Is Renting Business Profitable?

The renting business is profitable and it depends on various factors like how often are you renting it, the durability of the product, repair, and maintenance. These are some extra costs that owners have to consider before starting a rental business.

Location is an important factor in renting because we all know certain businesses have certain locations for fishing you should start a fishing equipment renting business near the river bank.

Profitability can be increased by many tactics like marketing and reducing costs will attract more customer attention. Also, you can use social media to promote your renting business for absolutely free.


The rental business is a time investment business in many cases like Property rental, you buy land and build some shops and give them on rent, now that’s one one-time investment but if you open a car rental business you need an initial investment to buy the cars and then after you rent them, you need to repair them also to keep them functional, so there are many factors you need to consider before starting any business.

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