Top Electric car companies in the world

top electric car companies in the world

Top Electric Car Companies in the World

Transportation is evolving day by day vehicles have a large history First men used to pull them after that animals and then came the era of engines where fossil fuels were used to power the vehicles and now it’s going further ahead.

But we can’t depend on fossil fuels for a very long period of time and there are plenty of reasons for that first, of all there are limited supply of fossil fuels and it’s not found everywhere some countries are very rich in fossil fuels and some have none, which causes conflicts human nature to acquire everything lead to greed nature.

That’s why we came up with electric vehicles in that case we don’t have to fight over fossil fuels in the coming 50-60 years.

Electric vehicles are those vehicles that use clean energy to power themselves like electricity and wind. Electric vehicles or e-vehicles are the future of transportation because of their fuel consumption and ease of use and also good for the environment and stop global warming for a safe future we have to do this, there are many companies which are trying to develop convenient vehicles for the people. We are going to talk about them.


When we talk about electric car companies Tesla comes to mind first and there are reasons why Tesla made the first electric car that was available for public use it broke many records and the stereotype that electric vehicles can’t be successful in the era of traditional fossil fuel vehicles.

Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Terpenning in 2003 and soon after that Elon Musk bought the company and became the largest shareholder of that company.

Elon Musk was so consistent on clean and green energy he worked for several years and modified many things, Tesla launched its first production car Tesla Roadster sport car in 2009, and soon after that many models were launched and people started using it and now Tesla is taking over everything.

Tesla cars are affordable and their design looks like a premium sports car which has an enormous amount of features. Tesla is the reason why Elon Musk is so rich he is the biggest shareholder in his company.

Tesla has a market capitalization of around $1 Trillion which is bigger than every car company combined.


Lucid Motors is another electric car company founded in 2007. Lucid Motors is considered to be a rival of Tesla because it makes luxury vehicles with more advanced and clean energy. Prices are also competitive with Tesla.

Till now it has launched 4 Models and the most successful was the Lucid Air Stealth which challenged Tesla in various fields like Range and fat charging. Lucid Air Dream Edition Sedan was named car of the year by MotorTrend magazine, It was praised for its work of art, this car is the real deal.

Lucid Motors’ market cap is around $30 Billion and currently trading at a price of $18 on NASDAQ.

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Rivian is another car company which not make only cars but also Trucks and utility vehicles. Rivian was founded when Tesla released its first model Roadster in 2009. Rivian is building Pickup trucks and will help future vehicles to adopt their platforms.

Rivian has a range of around 314 miles. Till now Rivian has launched two models R1T and R1S. This company is trying to make utility vehicles because normal cars and utility vehicles have many differences they require more power for offroading and pulling things, and it also shortens the range that batteries normally provide, we will see how RIVIAN is going to counter this.

RIVIAN has a market cap of around $33 Billion and continues to grow further. The future is exciting.


Nissan is a Japanese automobile company. Nissan has been in the car business for a long period of time and with the change in time, they have decided to jump into the next opportunity of the electric vehicle era.

Of course, it is not in competition with current Tesla and Lucid Motors they are in their own league but everyone is better in their own way.

Nissan provides cheap electric cars that normal people can afford easily and there are two ways to sell your products first, sell fewer products at high prices second sell more products at lower prices.

Nissan Follows the second path. also, Nissna has cash overflow to spend in this field and they are good in the traditional vehicle business.

Nissan has a starting price of only $27,800 and a range of 212 miles with a battery size of 40kWh. Their design is also like traditional vehicles but the internal is built differently.

You can see all the details in their broacher here


NIO is another electrical car company that is in the battle to take the maximum share in the electrical vehicle market. NIO is a Chinese company headquartered in Shanghai.

NIO has launched the fastest electric SUVs once you look at the design you will realize that its exterior design looks something like the Lamborghini Urus SUV. It has a range of 624 miles which is way more than Tesla considering it as an SUV.

NIO has solved the biggest problem that even Tesla couldn’t solve i.e. Battery swapping technology.

One of the major problems with electric vehicles is that you have to wait for long hours for charging and in case of emergency you are left with no options now you can swap batteries and have advanced charged batteries or the company will set up swapping stations like charging stations.

Ford Motor Company

Everyone has heard the name Ford in his lifetime, Ford Motors is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world.

Ford is well known for their muscle car and the Ford Mustang was one of the most successful models from the company people are still crazy about his sound. But now it has come into the electric market with the same concept.

Now you will see an electric Mustang on the road soon. Ford Mustang Mach-E will be on the road in 2023 according to the company it can go 0-60 MPH in 3.5 seconds for the GT performance edition.

and will cost you around $45,000, now that’s a convenient price because at this price it will compete with low and mid-range electric vehicles.

You can check out their all SUVs here.

There are many more companies which are directly or indirectly involved in this market, remember it’s just now about making cars it’s also about making your future cleaner.

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