What Is Affiliate Marketing? 10 Best Affiliate Programs

what is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is a way that benefits the both seller and the company, it is a great way to make money online by working a few hours a day. In affiliate marketing, you make money by sharing a product link and when someone purchases with your link you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not something new it has been in existence for a long period it is just evolving with time as things are happening on the internet and everything is going online.

Before the Internet companies used to hire agents who advertise and sell their products in the offline market to advertise to large audiences and get commissions based on the products they have sold.

Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate marketing is a process in which a person promotes a product or a service and in return, he gets some commission. You can also consider affiliate marketing as a salesman’s job the only difference is that here you get full freedom on time and work.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

As we already discussed the affiliate programs provide us commission for each sale made through the affiliate link.

You simply have to sign up for their affiliate programs and choose a product that you wish to promote.

Now when people buy the product from your links you will get paid your commission.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

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To start affiliate marketing you need to choose and platform and sign up for their affiliate program, there are two types of affiliate programs free and paid, websites like Amazon, eBay, and Bluehost have free affiliate programs means you don’t have to pay anything for joining their program.

Now you have chosen your platform, it’s about time to choose the platform where you will promote this product and generate sales because you only get a commission when people buy from your link. You can either create a website or a blog and start writing product reviews.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Making money with affiliate marketing is simple, once your blog or website starts getting traffic, people will notice your product online read about it, and start buying the product.

Once people start buying the product, you will start generating commission on each sale, and that is how you will make money with affiliate marketing.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

Starting affiliate marketing with no money is not a difficult task, as I told you earlier you can start a website or a blog, there are many platforms where you can start blogging for absolutely free, you just need to create a free page like Quora, Facebook, Medium, and Blogger. You can start creating posts and create your affiliate link.

After some time your page will start getting attention from viewers and they will start reaching and buying products from your affiliate link, and you will start making money. You can also create a free personal website on Blogger and start your affiliate program there.

Starting a YouTube channel is best for affiliate marketing, you can reach a huge audience for free and explain in detail why you should buy this product and how it can add value to your life. You might have seen big YouTubers promoting affiliate links in their description.

Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

Everything in this world exists in parallel with its opposites like light and dark. Affiliate marketing has also some major flaws if you don’t understand things you might get confused and might end up losing all the money that you have spent on your product marketing.

The biggest problem is why people will buy from you if they have access to the main website. to overcome these types of problems you should have at least some knowledge about this profession.

It’s very difficult to generate sales just by posting affiliate links, you need to convenience people that your product is worth buying. also if people are not noticing your product then there is no chance of getting sales, which means you need to get noticed by a huge audience to make decent money from affiliate marketing.

Once sales from your links start going down you might end up in frustration, this profession requires a lot of patience and you should also have some interest in this otherwise when things do not go according to your plan, you will get impatient and might end up just giving up.

How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

To be successful in any profession you have to understand how things work in that profession and keep learning about that thing every day. there are a few things you can do to be a player in affiliate marketing.

First of all, you must do your product research like which thing is in demand and what people want. second thing, you must advertise your products to the right audience in that way to can grow your sales.

and the third one is more products you sell more commission you get. you should target the biggest audience possible.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program?

Choosing the best affiliate program depends upon the individual Like :

Niche Product :

If someone is creating content on a niche like the Internet and technology, they should choose the product and services from tech.

If someone is creating content on health and beauty, they should choose health and beauty products. It would make more sense for your audience if you choose products according to your niche.

Choose the Platform :

Make sure to choose a reliable platform that pays you on time, and beginners should choose free programs like Bluehost, Fiverr, and Amazon Associates. and also watch out for product variety the more the better.

Third Step :

The final step is to choose the quality products with high commission. If your product is not providing value customers would not buy it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Affiliate Marketing requires Zeo Experience and you can start it without Investment.
  • You only need a smartphone and an internet connection.
  • You can choose your own working time.
  • Can be done remotely.


  • Not every program pays well.
  • The market is already saturated.
  • You must have an audience that follows you to advertise your product with them.
  • You need to spend money to gain buyers if you don’t already have an audience.
  • There are high chances that you might not get a single sale in starting.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Here are some best affiliate marketing programs where you can sign up for free and start promoting products.


Commission: Upto 70%

Minimum payout: No Bar

Bluehost is a hosting service provider, where you can sign up for free and start promoting their hosting plans, they have mainly 4 products to promote that are web hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and eCommerce Hosting.

You get banners and affiliate links once you are approved for their affiliate program.


Commission: up to 60%

Minimum Payout: $100 for Paypal and $500 for Bank Transfers

Hostinger is another web hosting service provider, where you can sign up for free and start promoting their assets to get commission, they will provide you with attractive banners and infographics to attract audience attention.


Commission: Upto 50%

Minimum Payout: $200

Elementor is a wordpress plugin that helps to design web pages. Elementor is a product itself and a very useful one. Big Players use this plugin because of its features and ease of use.

Elementor Affiliate is very simple, You sign up for their program, they approve it and you can start promoting products. You don’t need to be an Elementor user to promote it.

This tool is best for content creators, educators, web developers, and digital marketing agencies to promote it.


Commission: $150 per Sale

Minimum Payout:

Shopify is an online platform that allows users to create their e-commerce store. Users can sign up and create their commerce store just by drag and drop without any coding knowledge. They have hundreds of premade templates and layouts to choose from.

There are some criteria you must fulfill before becoming their affiliate like

  1. You must own and run an active website.
  2. Have an established audience
  3. Create Orignal Content.
  4. Have experience with the Shopify e-commerce store

Amazon Associates

Commission: 5-9%

Minimum Payouts: $10

Amazon Associates is the largest affiliate marketing program in the world, Which helps content creators, and publishers monetize their content.

You can sign up for affiliate programs for free with your Amazon account and choose the product you wish to promote. You can get 5-9% commission on each product sale.


Commission: 25-100% on first order and 10% revenue from future orders

Minimum Payout: $100

Fiverr is an online freelancing program where freelancers create gigs and publish them according to their skills.

On Fiverr, you choose a gig and promote it on your social profiles, and when someone places their order through your link you get paid. This program is best for content creators who are already a freelancer or working somewhere and have a decent audience.


Commission: 30%

Minimum Payout: No Bar

NordVPN is a VPN service provider that you can promote and make some money. For the first signup, you get a 100% commission and for 1 year you get a 30% commission.

This program is best for programmers, educators, and digital marketing agencies.

eBay Partner Program

Commission: 2.5-4%

Minimum payouts: $10

eBay is another e-commerce site where you can sign up for a free affiliate program and start promoting their products. You get paid 2.5-4% on each sale you make through your link.

Commission depends upon the type of product category you are promoting.


Commission: 10-20%

Minimum Payout: $10 for Direct Deposit and $100 for wire Transfer

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform that connects affiliate programs with entrepreneurs. To get registered on Clickbank you need to provide your traffic source.

You can check their beginner guide to get started on Clickbank.


Commission: Upto 30%

Minimum Payout:

Hubspot has more than 400+ promotional assets, training guides, and many more downloadable items that you can promote and get a commission.

Hubspot program is best for content creators, they can choose the right product according to their niche and promote them to their audience easily.


Can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

Yes, anyone can start affiliate marketing with no money.

How to choose the right product for affiliate marketing?

You need to identify a niche where you have an audience base and choose the product according to your niche that suits them best.

Can Affiliate Marketing Help My Business?

Yes, affiliate marketing can boost your business sales exponentially.

How do I Track My Sales?

Every product comes with a unique product id so you can track its sales and commission.

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