What is Google Adsense? Things you should and shouldn’t do with your Adsense

what is google adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a program by Google that allows users to monetize their content on their blogs or websites. Adsense targets its audience through text, audio, video, and picture ads to interact with the audience which engages with your content.

Adsence covers all the platforms that come under Google and also outside its domain like games.

Why do people want to use Adsense only?

It’s not like there are no other platforms except Adsense, People want only Adsense because Google Adsense is more trustworthy and pays more than twice the other platforms.

Adsense uses data collected by Google and shows them to their targeted audience this way, there is more chance that when people interact with your content they will engage with your ads too and when they engage with ads shown on your content Adsense will pay you for that.

AdSense uses many methods to calculate the revenue generated by ads on your content, the more the audience engages with your content there is more chance that they will engage with ads too and when they click on ads you will be paid, remember that if no one interacts with your ads then there is no chance that you will get paid.

So remember that traffic and engagement are two different things if people are not engaging with your content there is no means of traffic, Google Adsense will count them as bots. and the ranking of your site will go down.

Google uses (cost per click) CPC, which is the amount you pay when any user clicks on your ads. CPC depends on various factors like the type of content, the country in which users click the ad, and what ads they click on.

Here is the list of the most profitable niches according to CPC in the US.

This is what the Adsense dashboard looks like.
NichesAverage CPC in US
Online Education$13
Marketing and advertisment $7

Adsence terms and conditions

Adsense terms and conditions are changing day by day since the number of audiences is growing every day. It’s not easy to get Adsense approval just because you have made a website and published content.

There are certain guidelines you must follow in order to get Adsense approval few major of them are given below:

  • You must be of 18 years old.
  • Your content must be unique.
  • Your site should be at least 6 months old (not necessary)
  • Your side should be SEO-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Your site much have a privacy policy, contact us, and about us pages.
  • Your site must be SEO-friendly.

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Other then Ads

There are many things you can do other than ads to generate extra revenue few of them are discussed below:

Affiliate Programs: You can promote different products on your site to get extra commission once someone purchases the product. learn more about affiliate marketing.

Sell your Services: You have seen many people selling their e-books and different digital products to leverage their income. you can do so.

Sponsors: Once your website has decent traffic people will contact you to promote their services, you can use that as an extra source of income. or you can review someone’s products like you have seen many people on youtube sponsoring different products that generate a decent amount of money.

Things you shouldn’t do with your site

Once your AdSense is approved you can’t do whatever you want you must follow the guidelines strictly here is the list of things you shouldn’t do otherwise your account might get suspended:

  • Generating fake traffic
  • Clicking on your own ads
  • Posting copyright content
  • using other ad partners other than Adsense: Once you start using Adsense you won’t be able to use other ad partners.

Adsense is a great tool to advertise on your site but it comes with its risks you should keep updating yourself to avoid consequences.


I think you now have some idea about what is google adsense and what you should do and shouldn’t do with your AdSense account.

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