Best Agriculture Startups in India in 2024

best agriculture startups in india

India is the land of agriculture almost 58% of the population is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and in the modern era there is much modern equipment that we are using based on the latest technology.

So, today we are going to explore some of the best agriculture startups in India that are working to improve the situation of farmers with their latest tools and technology.

Best Agriculture Startups In India

1. Fasal

FoundersAnanda Verma
Year of Establishment2018

Fasal is a platform that uses AI to help farmers in precise farming. Fasal Ai collects data like soil humidity, temperature, and weather conditions, analyzes it, and provides solutions.

They provide features like microclimatic forecasts to predict weather conditions for up to 14 days, alerts for disease and pest controls, irrigation alerts, and managing your farm finances.

How Are They Helping Farmers?

Fasal collects data from farms and predicts the growth of crops in the ideal environment, They notify the farmers what resources and equipment they are going to need like fertilizers, sprays, and irrigation timing.

Fasal disease prediction and assessment systems can predict the possible disease in the crop and provide solutions to take preventive steps.

2. DeHaat

Founders Sashank Kumar
Revenue $250M
Year of Establishment2012

DeHaat is an agritech company that connects suppliers, farmers, and buyers on one platform. They provide services like regular soil testing, weather alerts, crop planning, expert advice, crop monitoring like pest control, and many more.

How are they Helping Farmers?

They are helping farmers get quality seeds and market prices to sell them at the best price. weather alerts help farmers plan their crop irrigation, and farmers can also talk with the experts in their regional language for their crop problems.

3. AgroStar

FounderShardul Sheth
Year of Establishment2013

Agrostar is an agritech company that is trying to solve the biggest problem with the indian farmers which is the lack is guidance for scientific and sustainable farming. till today millions of farmers use traditional farming techniques which is not sustainable in modern times.

How are they helping farmers?

Agrostar provides scientific and progressive farm advisory on demand to educate farmers. Help farmers get quality seeds and also provide links with the market so they can sell their crops at the best prices. Their omnichannel platform connects everyone farmers, suppliers, experts, and market consumers.

4. Crofarm

FoundersVarun Khurana
Year of Establishment2016

Crofarm is an agritech startup helping farms build communities and provide nutritious food to consumers. They are working with AI to solve the problem of fresh food wastage and sustainable supply chain.

The goal of Crofarm is to bring farmers and consumers on a single platform. Crofarm is focusing more on consumers to get fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing wastage by providing accurate harvesting time to farmers.

How are they helping farmers?

Crofarm is just managing the supply chain by connecting to the last producer and helping him sell his vegetables at better prices. Farmers can harvest fresh fruits, and vegetables according to the information provided by Otipy an AI model that predicts demand for certain products.

5. Aibono

Revenue $1.11M
Year of Establishment1991

Aibono is an agritech platform that uses AI to synchronize the real-time production and consumption of fruits and vegetables. They have two platforms, Fruit and Vegetable aggregation where they help farmers in precise farming and harvest time.

The second one is the supply chain they deliver fruits and vegetables from farms to the kitchen.

How are they helping farmers?

With the help of Ai they can predict the market demand and inform farmers about the next crop production and time of harvest on their app.

6. Ninjacart

FounderThirukumaran Nagarajan
Year of Establishment2015

Ninjacart is an agritech startup that is focused on farmers to build a better marketplace in the local and international markets. It helps farmers to sell their products to retailers, kirana stores, and in mandi.

How are they helping farmers?

With their app they are helping farmers to get daily updates on prices, best deals on seeds and fertilizers, and free advisory. Ninjacart provides collateral-free loans to mandi traders.

Finally, with Ninja Global, you can export your crops overseas.

7. WayCool

FounderSanjay Dasari
Year of Establishment2015

Waycool is a food and agritech startup that is rebuilding the supply chain from supply-led to demand-led. they are focused on cultivation, processing, and distribution by using technology. according to them, there is a huge gap between what consumers are looking for and what is available.

They provide different services like supply of branded staples, fresh produce and dairy products, Private Level Packaging, High Volume Trading, logistics and Distribution solutions, supply chain tech solutions, and finally agricultural services.

How are they helping farmers?

their “phy-gital” business model connects farmers, processors, distributors, and retailers. They assist with pest and disease management, soil health management, irrigation, and finally mandi prices. The “Outgrow” app is used by farmers for these purposes.

8. Intello Labs

Year of EstabliishmentYear of Establishment

Intello Labs is an AI agritech startup that is helping in supply chain management of the food produced, Intello Lab is a product-based startup that picks the products from farmers makes them with their automated machines, and ships them to B2B consumers or their dark stores.

How are they helping farmers?

They are providing packing machines that farmers can purchase and pack their product to sell directly to consumers this process will benefit the farmers because there would be no middleman involved.

9. Freshokrtz

FounderRajendra Lora
Year of Establishment2016

Freshokrtz is an agritech startup that is dedicated to supporting Indian farmers at the ground level with their products and expert advice.

How they are helping farmers?

Freshokrtz is helping farmers by providing them with seeds fertilizers and pesticides at affordable rates and farmers can also sell their products directly to the freshokrtz and get immediate cash. They also offer crop advisories like soil testing, consultation, sowing, and reaping of crops. They are helping in financing too for agricultural equipment.

10. Ergos

FounderPraveen Kumar
Year of Establishment2012

Ergos is a grain bank that enables farmers to sell their grains directly from their mobile app. Farmers can choose when and at how much price they want for their product. They have a network of warehouses to store even a single bag of rice.

How are they helping farmers?

Storage of grains is one of the main problems for Indian farmers because of this they have to sell them just after harvesting and thus don’t get the value in off-seasons. Ergos is connecting farmers with their cold storage so they can store their grains and sell them anytime they want.

11. BigHaat

FounderSateesh Nukala
Year of Establishment2015

BigHaat is an online marketplace for farmers, where they can get information about crop and farming techniques from seeds to harvesting. Farmers can purchase and sell all agricultural products on their platform.

How are they helping farmers?

They provide quality seeds and equipment to farmers and advise farmers with their advanced technology to increase production.

12. Bijtak

FounderMahesh Jhakotia
Year of Establishment 2019

Bijtak is an agriculture trading platform that connects mandi traders and farm suppliers. They provide facilities like daily mandi rates, advance payment facility

How are they helping farmers?

It helps to build a network of reliable and trustworthy agriculture buyers and suppliers. provide payment facility, it also helps to get quick loans and keep records of all transactions.

13. SfarmsIndia

FounderKamesh Mupparaju
Year of Establishment2018

SfarmersIndia is the first marketplace for farmers to buy and sell land. You can check their website buy and sell action to learn the complete process. They have all the websites to verify the ownership of the land

How are they Helping Farmers?

They are providing a platform to interested farmers in selling or leasing their land whether it’s agricultural, farmhouse, or commercial.

14. KhetiGaadi

FounderPravin Shinde
RevenueNot Available
Year of Establishment2016

Khetigaadi is an online marketplace for buying and selling agricultural equipment and other mechanical parts. You can check out the listing on their website and also list your used equipment for sale. they also provide loans and insurance.

How they are Helping farmers?

They are connecting farmers through their marketplace to sell agricultural equipment like tractors, cultivators, and rotavators.

15. Farm2Fam

FounderKeya Salot
RevenueNot Available
Year of Investment 2018

Farm2Fam is an organic food product supplier that provides fresh food to consumers, they use the latest technology to manage their supply chain and make sure their consumers are getting fresh and organic food and vegetables.

How they are Helping Farmers?

They are not helping farmers, their main focus is to produce fresh and organic products and deliver directly to the consumers. They are producing everything themselves.

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