How to Make money from youtube in 2024

how to make money from youtube

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world in 2024. YouTube is one of the best products offered by Google in 2024. Today you can search for any topic on YouTube and get the best explanation in video format.

Millions of people are making their living through YouTube just simply by making videos on their favorite topics. and today we are going to talk about that in detail how to make money on YouTube and the other ways you are paid on YouTube.

YouTube has a simple business model you make videos upload on their platform and they run ads, when someone clicks on the ad running on your videos you are paid for that.

YouTube takes some commission and gives you the rest.

The majority of people think that making videos is the only way you can make money on YouTube, then let me let you are certainly wrong some YouTubers’ ads revenue is just a fraction of their income on the platform they make a lot of money from brand sponsorships, especially in the areas where ads revenues are lot and engagements are high.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Making a youtube channel is peace of cake even for a child on today’s date. you just need a Google account.

You need to sign in with your YouTube account and your channel will be automatically created now you can manage your channel from your creator studio like changing banners to attract more people and start uploading content.

In today’s date, there are millions of people making videos on different topics, and thousands of channels are created every day your content might lost in a black hole so to attract the audience you need to make unique content to make people watch your videos,

if you don’t stand out of the crowd then you will be lost like thousands of creators who start their channel and lose to other creators.

There are different ways to attract an audience to your content one of the most common is giveaways, many people use this technique in their initial phase to attract more audience to watch their content,

what you have to do in this is just announce something to give them follow your given instructions like sharing, liking, and subscribing to your channel, and give them one task is completed.

Once you complete the required condition which is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time your channel will be monetized and ready to show ads on your videos.

You must follow the YouTube guidelines strictly otherwise your channel might get banned and once your channel receives 3 consecutive copyright strikes within 3 months your channel will be closed by YouTube himself and you can’t do anything about it.

so be careful and read all the guidelines carefully before posting content and don’t use others’ videos in your that’s the primary reason for copyright strikes but the music rights if you are using any paid and for starters, you should just go with free music.

There are many resources that you can use in your video just don’t copy it from YouTube and upload it again that is a clear violation. I’ll explain about the free.

How to Make Money from Youtube

  1. AD Revenue

Well, it depends on various factors, how your revenue is calculated by taking the base of your content niche.

Your ad revenue largely depends now which type of ad were you shown and the country in which people clicked on the ads if they are from a developed nation like the US or UK then your CPC would be high compared to a developing country like India.

And the second thing is about the brand that is showing the ad if it is highly valued then your CPC would be high as compared to brands with lower values.

Net ad revenue depends heavily on your country YouTubers in developed countries make higher than YouTubers in developing countries that is the truth.

2. Brand Sponsorships:

This is a secondary source of income for the YouTubers but don’t take it lightly people with high engagement tend to make more money than they make with the ad revenue.

It really depends upon your niche, you will get the brand sponsorships from the same niche your content belongs to.

and also your revenue depends upon the engagements your account currently holds, of course, you can set your value but if you don’t provide value to the brand you are not useful and will eventually lose your value.

that is why you must have heard about people running over the engagement on social media platforms saying to like, share, and subscribe to their videos and posts so their engagement keeps going higher.

3. Affiliate links:

This is also the secondary method to make money on YouTube popular e-commerce brands provide affiliate links to their products so that if someone buys through the link you are paid a commission. to know more about affiliate marketing click here.

You just have to copy the link from their platform and share it in the description and tell people to go through the link if they want to buy that thing popular brands like Amazon provide affiliate services.

4. Become a member

In this method you can activate your channel membership, which your followers can purchase so they can connect with you and stand out of the mob, they can choose different emojis to send while live videos and many more things that others can’t do.

In the last, you get money that all matters to the creator.

5. Private Videos

This is also the primary method to make money on YouTube this method is used by popular YouTubers who provide high-value content and people are willing to pay extra just to watch that content. YouTube takes some commission and gives you the rest of the money.


Your ad revenue depends on the views your video got and how many people clicked on that ad. Brand sponsorships are different things, in this case, you are paid for your engagement like how many followers you have and how many people you can reach to influence them.

An average Indian Youtuber makes between $200-300 per month just from the ad revenue and $50-100 from the brand sponsorships but as the followers grow this number grows exponentially.

You cannot become a millionaire overnight on this platform you have to be consistent and continuously upload videos to be successful anyone who claims to be successful overnight on YouTube is lying to you.

Keep working hard you will be successful one day.

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