How to make money on Instagram without selling anything

How to Make Money On Instagram Without Selling Anything

Social media has proliferated in the last decade and still growing, there are many new social media platforms available today but there are only a few of them that are sustaining and growing.

And content creators are making a lot of money by creating different types of content on these social media platforms. Today our topic is how can you make money on Instagram without selling anything. There are multiple ways to make money on Instagram.

Selling something on Instagram is not the primary source of any content creator.

Can you Make money from Instagram?

Many people are still wondering how this dude can make money from Instagram. Unfortunately, many of us still think that Instagram is only for fun, but let me clarify something, people are making thousands of dollars every month from Instagram only.

Celebrities, Instagram models, and other social media Influencers print their money from platforms like Instagram and there are many ways to make money from Instagram.

Some of the most followed celebrities like Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, and Messi The Rock make more than millions per post on Instagram.

1. Content Creation

Instagram used to pay the creators from their creator fund program but this program was stopped in 2023. Now the only way to make money from Instagram is by creating content gathering an audience and promoting brands.

how to make money on Instagram without selling

Instagram is pushing reel very hard to compete with other short video-creating platforms like YouTube shorts and TikTok, so Instagram is encouraging influencers to create more videos to grab more and more audience on their platform.

On the other hand, creating short videos is much easier than long-form videos. you can pick any trading topic and create a short video in less than 5 minutes. There are also high chances of your reel getting viral which gives a high boost to the account growth and audience reach.

2. Promotions

The secondary way of making money on Instagram is through paid promotions, once you have a decent number of followers you can start promoting brands and people on your account, it can be Instagram stories, posts, and story mentions.

You can start an Instagram account with a selected niche and grow it, start to accept promotions, an average account with followers 100k-200k can make $100-300 per promotion, it also depends on your niche certain categories have higher promotional rates than other categories like clothing, Business, and Beauty products have high promotion rates.

To get promotions you can directly message the brands or to get more professional, create a template and e-mail them, if they are interested they will contact you. don’t get upset when you don’t get the reply emails, this process takes time. you can also hire someone to do this task and pay him some commission.

This is the easiest way to make money on Instagram. But there is a problem with this method, getting promotions is really hard when you don’t have a decent amount of followers and account engagement.

3. Instagram Page Buying and Selling

Instagram Page buying and selling is not something new, basically in this method we buy an Instagram account with a decent number of followers and sell them at higher prices.

Instagram Page reselling business doesn’t have a very high margin but still, you can make a decent amount of money from it. I have explained this business in detail here.

There are other ways to do this like if you know the Instagram algorithm you can grow multiple accounts at a time and then sell them this would become a high margin instantly.

4. Theme Page Business

Theme Page business is also quite a popular type of business from which people are making good money, you can start a theme page business for free. In this business, you choose a topic and start creating content like posts, reels, and stories under the same niche.

Growing a theme page is quite a tedious task but today I’ll share some tips to grow your theme page business rapidly, first choose a niche where people are most engaging like money and motivational pages, and second step start creating content on the same niche.

Start collaboration with other pages in the same niche, if you have an equal amount of followers there is a high chance the opposite page owners will agree to free collaboration, which will allow both of you to grow rapidly.

When your account has grown you can start promoting businesses on your page. I have explained how people are making $100-200 per day from theme page business in detail here.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of making huge money on Instagram. For those who don’t have a clue about affiliate marketing, here is a short answer.

Affiliate marketing is the process where you promote a product online and when someone purchases from your link, you get some commission. The commission depends on product and website policies.

To start affiliate marketing on an Instagram account, you need to create a page specific where you will share your product promotional videos and give them purchases like in your Instagram Bio. if you have a particular affiliate marketing website then you can link your website in the bio.

Creating posts related to the product will help you to reach an organic audience who are interested in buying the product.

how much does Instagram pay for 1,000 views?

Instagram pays $0 for 1000 or 10000000 views, Instagram used to pay their creator from the creator fund program but it was shut down in 2023, so there is no way you are getting paid from Instagram doesn’t matter how many views you are getting.

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