10 Profitable Machines To Make Money At Home

machines to make money at home

Are you still searching on the internet for how to make money from home? and tired of getting the same idea again and again like blogging, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing? Well, don’t worry I understand your frustration, making money is not as easy as people on the internet show you.

We all know that at Socialblazes we discuss small business ideas and how to implement them in real life and today while browsing the internet I came across some interesting machines that we can use to set up our home-based business.

These machines are low-cost and require almost no maintenance, you can start them from a single unit and scale them according to your profits. These machines can be used to manufacture goods or you can rent them directly to customers. So, let’s discuss the machines to make money at home.

Business planning

Basic Requirements to Start a Business

While starting a business you need some basic requirements:

  1. Business Registration: Business registration is the top priority, your business must be registered with the government, which is a legal procedure for starting a business, it takes only a few bucks to register a business.
  2. Business Insurance: Business Insurance protects your personal property when a business goes in the wrong direction, you can file for bankruptcy, and your assets won’t be sold off.
  3. Target Audience and Market Competition: You must be aware of your target audience and your competitors, this is part of business planning and initial investigation.
  4. Investment Amount: Investment amount is the top priority in any business, you cannot start a business with zero money, this is just a delusion, you have to take into consideration your investments before getting into the business.

10 Machines To Make Money At Home

1. Vending Machines

Vending machines are popular these days, many people are generating six-figure incomes from vending machines by working part-time. You can start your vending machine business too. there are a few things you need to start this business.

  1. Vending machine
  2. Location
  3. Snacks for vending machine

You can buy used vending machines from ebay and start your business by placing the machines in potential locations like public parks, bus stands, and metro stations.

2. Popcorn Machine

Everyone loves popcorn from kids to adults whenever they are having a fun time like watching movies. You can make popcorn and sell it to popular spots like public parks, community centers, and Grocery stores.

Popcorn machines come under $100, you can buy and start selling your popcorn, also you can add your flavors to counter the market competition. Since the investment is hardly $500 there is not much to lose even if you fail.

3. Glass Cutting Machine

Every day millions of glass are destroyed and most of them don’t get recycled, so here comes the business opportunity for you. You can buy empty bottles from bars and other places, cut them using a glass cutting machine, and engrave them with beautiful designs.

People are already doing this, you can find samples on Pinterest. selling engraved glasses online can be a profitable venture. You can either engrave the designs or print them directly on the glass.

You will require three things for this business: a glass cutter, an engraving machine, and empty bottles. You can generate decent income from this since this would come under home decor and people would pay a higher price to buy them.

4 Ice-Making Machine

Ice Making machine is used to make ice cubes which are used in beverages like cold drinks, soda, and liquors.

There are many places where you can sell these ice cubes, people love beaches in summer, so you can sell them there directly, contact a bar owner, and supply them ice cubes regularly, usually, people supply ice cubes wholesale to businesses like parties and wedding organizers.

Ice-making machines are cheap and you can get them from $100-$300 and start making ice. Since this business requires only two things Ice making machines and water this business is highly profitable.

5. ATM Machines

ATM business is quite profitable and requires a time investment, here is the short detail of this business, you will need an ATM, register with the federal government, and look for a location where you can install the machine.

ATM requires business registration and insurance you can read the complete guide here. After getting the right location install your ATM, stuff the cash, and install the managing software. You are ready to go.

Here is the business model for ATM, you buy the machine, stuff your cash and when someone withdraws money from your ATM you get paid some commission in the form of changes, this commission would be paid to you by the banks.

6. Cotton Candy Machine

Kids love cotton candy and tend to buy it whenever they see it, you can make cotton candy and sell it in popular spots like public parks, outside children’s schools, and in carnivals.

To make cotton candy, you just need three things, first cotton candy machine, a second sugar, and a third color, you are ready to go.

Cotton candy is sold for around $1-$5 per stick according to their size, so if you are selling 100 sticks you can expect to make a $300-$400 profit per day which is a pretty good deal according to me.

Cotton candy is a profitable business because of its low investment cost and high-profit margins.

7. Gambling Machine

Gambling machines are very popular in malls and other places where people go to have some fun. Gambling machines are of different types for children there are toys and snacks filled inside the machines and they have to put them out with the help of remotes and sometimes draw numbers.

You can start this business with a minimum investment of around $500 and rent charges. Kids are always attracted to such things this is the reason why this business is successful.

8. Candy Vending Machine

Snacks and candy vending machines are slightly different from beverage vending machines they are cheaper and easy to manage since they don’t run 24×7 to keep the content cold. Also, candy vending machines are far cheaper than the beverage vending machines.

If you are running low on budget you can start working with candy vending machines.

9. Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream machines can be considered almost same as the vending machines, vending machines sell snacks and cold drinks while Ice cream machine sells Ice cream.

To install vending machines look for the right location like hair public places, school canteens, and beaches consult with the owners, and decide the rent. After that, you can start buying Ice cream vending machines and raw materials to make the ice cream.

Ice cream machines require an investment of around $400-$1000 per machine depending upon the size and functionalities of the machine. and around $100 for the raw materials for each machine.

10. Laundry Machines

The laundry business has been quite popular for decades because this is a basic human requirement to wear clean clothes. You can start a laundry business either from your home or rent a shop on a busy street.

Laundry machines are a one-time investment, you can either buy new ones or use one from ebay. In the initial stage, you would find it difficult to get customers but with proper marketing, you can get in the business.

Always remember that getting into any business is not an overnight task, it takes time like months and sometimes years.

Why You Should Start Your Own Business

After seeing so many layoffs in the last 2-3 years it is clear to everyone that their job is not permanent, they can be laid off at any time doesn’t matter how good they are. So, that left us to start our venture, starting a business can be troublesome in the initial days but in the long term, it pays off.


As we all know starting a business is not a simple task because sometimes you have to wait months to completely set up your business and make some profit. Starting small businesses is ideal because they don’t require much investment and also you don’t need to hire a lot of people to get your business going.

How long does it take to make a profit from a business

Making profits from a business depends on various factors like market competition, your product, and marketing strategy.

Does Small Business guarantee profits?

No, there is no guarantee that if you are starting a business it would make you profits. It depends on you totally how you are going to carry out your business plan.

Can I lose my all money if my Small business fails?

No, there is no such thing, as long as you have business insurance, that would protect your personal properties. Only the money you have invested in the business is lost.

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