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Profitable Startups in India

India is currently in a startup wave like the dot-com bubble Investors are throwing countless money and businesses are starting and closing rapidly like fire.

Today we are going to talk about the Local startups that started in India and now they are quite profitable and in good position and performing well. So, let’s get started.

Profitable Startups in India


Zerodha is an online brokerage platform that allows people to trade in the Indian stock market, started by two brothers Nitin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath in 2010.

Zerodha made it easy for Indian investors and traders to directly open a demat account and start trading within 2-4 days, before that opening a demat account was a very tedious task and could take up to 15-30 days.

There were reasons why this platform became so popular and profitable, first in 2017 that was time when most Indians got access to cheap Internet and Internet started growing rapidly.

Also, that was the time when the participation of more and more people increased in the market and Zerodha gave them an easy way to do so.

Till 2022, Zerodha was on the top with more than 6 Million active traders, in 2023 Groww surpassed Zerodha in terms of active traders. After the success of Zerodha, many similar brokers came into the market like One Paisa, Upstox, 5paisa, Angel Broking, Groww, Kotak Securities, etc.

In 2020 alone Zerodha made a profit of around Rs 2094Cr with revenue of Rs 4,964 Cr.


Dream11 is an online fantasy gaming platform, that allows users to play fantasy games like cricket, football, and hockey. Dream11 became popular because of cricket, everyone knows there are billions of cricket fans in India and betting was banned.

People were directly connected to the cricket and when this platform was launched people jumped to grab their luck to win the grand prize. Dream11 was heavily promoted by every cricketer.

This is almost similar to the lottery but the only difference is that in the letter there are changes either you will win or lose all, but here either you can win, lose, or get your money back. There are millions of people participating in the pool and prize money is distributed among them.

Dream11 has revenue of Rs. 3,841 Cr. in financial year 2022 with a total expense of Rs. 3,762 Cr. in total.

After the new taxation law on the Online gaming sector in India, this little profit is going to decline and will affect other gaming companies like gaming24x7 and others.


Nykaa is a beauty product-selling startup started by Falguni Nayar in the year 2012. they also sell fashion products through their e-commerce website and app.

Nykaa reported a profit of 5.4 crores at the end of the quarter of June 2023.

Chai Sutta Bar

Other than blood, the thing that flows in every Indian’s veins is Chai.

Chain is an Indian beverage that is served at any time, you can find people who are drug addicts but in India, people are Chai addicts, and some people take tea more than twice a day.

Chai is hot during that is sweet in flavor and Tea leaves include various other ingredients based on the taste. Chain Sutta Bar is a chain startup that is growing rapidly.

The word Chain means Tea and sutta means cigarette but they don’t sell cigarettes they added the name because it was quite fitting.

The reason for their success is their way of serving customers and clever advertising. they have their franchise all over the world.

Till now they have 400+ outlets in 190+ cities and growing rapidly. This was a simple idea but they took it to another level.


Meesho is an e-commerce company started by two engineers in New Delhi. Meesho primarily focuses on local sellers to grow their presence in the e-commerce space.

The best thing about Meesho is that you don’t need any investment to sell on this platform.

Meesho is primarily a reselling platform. Meesho has more than 2.6 million sellers. Meesho is popular among the local people because of its affordable prices and has latest fashion and essentials.

Meesho has raised funding of $1.1B with a total valuation of $4.9B and spending. The company still struggling with its large expenses and trying to cut it down to sustain itself.


If you haven’t heard about his brand man you are missing something, Boat sells affordable and reliable earphones, Headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, Home audio, and Smartwatches.

The boat company started with an idea, In India, there was no company that was selling good quality earphones all were Chinese brands and couldn’t sustain more than a week those could be costly, and not everyone could afford it so Aman Aggrawal thought to make a sustainable brand.

They started by making USB cables and selling them on various e-commerce websites soon they became popular and launched their own website. now that have millions of Boat fans all around the globe.

Aman Agrawal started Boat with Rs. 16 lacks and now their valuation is 2,200 crores.


Transporting any product from one place to another has never been easy. Delhivery is an Indian logistics and supply chain company.

Delhivery was started in 2011 and aims to build an operating system for commerce, PTL, and TL freight, cross border, and supply chain. They have partnered with over 6000 vendors and network partners who provide pickup, delivery services, and truckload capacity.

The total valuation of DELHIVERY is around $5B and their revenue in 2022 is $920M.

Physics wallah

Physics Wallah is an Indian educational platform that mainly focuses on competitive examinations like JEE and NEET.

Physics Wallah was started on the YouTube channel by Alakh Panday in 2014 and since then he has been uploading videos. Ha has covered major boards and their Physics and Chemistry syllabus.

His way of teaching is so cool that you will fall in love in 2020 he launched his own app Physics Wallah with a single batch and now they have multiple batches and a number of staff to manage everything efficiently recently they crossed the milestone of $1B valuation.

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