Best URL Shortener Websites to make money in 2023

url shortener websites

What are URL Shortener websites?

Whenever we have to share a URL, we prefer it small in size because it makes it easy to share on different social media websites and also in messages.

Most social media websites directly reject long URLs considering them spam. So, this is the reason we use short URLs, and today we are going to show you the best URL-shorter websites that you can use to make your URL look shorter and more professional.

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How to Make Money with URL shortener website

There are many websites that give you money just to short your URL from their websites and then share it wherever you want, and whenever someone clicks on your link you will get paid.

Now Question is why will someone pay you to click on their shorted link?

The answer is simple whenever someone clicks on their website they will be redirected to another website that shows ads and there you will get the original link of the website where you want to go. and in the process, they make money by ads and you get paid some fraction of that amount generated by the ad revenue.

URL shorting Websites to make money

Here is the list of websites that pays you to make money from URL shorting. is a URL-shorter website that pays you to shorten your URL and share it with people. This is the highest-paid URL Shortener, you can make up to $22 per thousand clicks in some countries, of course, it varies from country to country, developed countries have more payout rates than developed countries.

Features of

  1. $1 Bonus on Signup
  2. Minimum Payout $5
  3. Daily Payout
  4. Variety of payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal, and also Bank Transfers in India.

You can check payment rates here.


Shrinkearn is the second-highest URL-shortening website that allows you to make money by sharing shorted URLs. You can get up to $20 per 1000 visits which is higher than the youtube views in some countries.

Features of Shrinkearn

  1. 20% referral bonus
  2. $4 minimum payout
  3. A variety of payment methods are available.
  4. Fast customer support
  5. Detailed stats.

You can check the detailed payout rate here.


Clicksfly is the best website to make money by shorting URLs, making money through clicks fly totally depends upon the traffic that clicks on your link and from where they are clicking.

Though if you are an average influencer then you can make $10-15 per day, this is not bad for a side income also you don’t have to work longer.

Features of Clicksfly

  1. $3 minimum payout
  2. Daily payment processing
  3. Variety of payment methods
  4. No investment required

You can check the detailed payout rates here.

This is one of the oldest and most trusted websites to short your URLs and make a decent amount of money. They have many new features along with the old ones to make everything more simple.

Features of

  1. The minimum payout rate of $0.5
  2. A clean dashboard to manage every URL
  3. Refer your friend and make over 50% commission.
  4. Max payout rates.

This is another website to make money by URL shorting and the content is all same compared to other websites, You short the website share links and make money that’s it. You can earn around $200 if you have a decent amount of audience, you can use Youtube or Instagram to derive traffic to your website.

Features of

  1. Wide range of monetization.
  2. High CPM rates
  3. Real-time stats
  4. Affiliate programs with 20% commission

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