How to Make Money Selling GIFs in 2024

how to make money selling GIFs

GIFs are moving pictures that can be shared in chats and on the internet. The trend of GIFs has been increasing day by day.

Many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many more chatting apps are using GIfs to make their chats more fun.

Today we will talk about websites to create gifs for free and how to make money selling GIFs in 2024

Websites to Create Free GIF

Giphy GIF Maker

Giphy is the best online tool to create free GIFs. It has a simple and cool interface that anyone can understand easily. It accepts different image and video formats like MP4, MOV, or WebM.

Stickers also provide the facility of the background when you are using video calls.

You can also upload any video just by copying and pasting its URL directly in the URL section. You can also take a photo and make it a sticker just by uploading it.

Also, the backdrop you create with GIPHY can be made into virtual backgrounds for an app or social media account.


GIFMake is a simple online GIF maker tool using which anyone can generate animated GIFs in just a few clicks. It has a straightforward interface with many customization options and supports a number of file types.

It also provides the facility of dragging and dropping images and videos directly.

It has multiple options and customization, a support file of up to 7MB and you can upload a maximum of 100 images at a time. It also supports a transparent background.

Visme GIF Maker

Visme is a free and easy-to-use customized gif maker, Visme is basically an online tool for creating social media graphics.

It has many tools like custom animation that allow you to create GIFs by manipulating animation settings for each element that appear in the moving graphics.

You can also add charts and graphs to your GIF design and show a number of statistical data easily. This website has millions of stock images that you can use to create engaging and beautiful GIF designs.

They have also shown the step-by-step methods to create the GIFs if you are a new visitor. You can choose from different temples in almost every category and has customization options from base to top.

So, what are you waiting for just go and start using this amazing platform.


This is a pretty straightforward website, with a lot of functionalities and customization options it lets you control the brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation of your GIF.

It has also a gallery of animated GIFs that you can explore and take ideas to create new and also some of the images are NSFW so be careful.


BlogGIF is a website that let you do more than edit and make GIFs it has many different tools and many different customization features.

It allows you to do text effects, Animated GIF text, Resixe your animated GIF, Animated GIF effects, convert video to animated GIF, GIF slideshow, decompose an animated GIF, Glitter GIF, GIF glitter frame, smiley animated GIF, convert animated gif to video.

Pixteller GIF Maker

Pixteller is a user-friendly online GIF maker, this website has also a very cool interface. It has more than 2 Million designs that you can customize.

GIFs made in the Pixteller animation editor are downloadable in high quality, and free of watermarks, making their tool ideal for content creators, small businesses, and even developers. creating GIFs using Pixteller is fast, fun, and accessible!

You can edit your GIF frame by frame on the timeline and customize the elements on each layer, there is also an option to update the frame properties for creating unique motions and save your created GIF to be used anywhere.

you can use it for the free version or go for the pro version which will cost you around $7/m.


Picasion is quite similar to Loogix in the way it operates, though the look of the site is slightly different, In addition to uploading your image via your desktop.

this site allows you to import photos from Flicker or from a Picasa web album if you like.

The website has a pretty straightforward interface and has all the necessary customization options. and also provide the feature of making Glitter, Creating Avatar, and resizing images.

Make money selling GIFs

Now you have made your GIF its time you start selling your work, now where can you sell your GIFs?


We all know this name, Fiver is a huge platform where creators from various fields join to complete the task to make some money.

Fiverr connects service buyers and sellers, here you can create your service gigs and list them on the platform and when a customer buys it, you make money.

There are already many people doing this, you just have to learn the trend like what kind are GIFs people want.

Just go to Fiverr and search gifs you will find the services that people are providing.

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