20 Best Handmade Products to Sell on Etsy in 2024

handmade products to sell on etsy

Etsy is heaven for handmade products if you love making arts and crafts then you should try this platform for selling your handmade products, many people are already selling on Etsy and making good money with it.

Whether you are good at customization or creating new ones, you can sell all your customized products on Etsy.

Let’s discuss some of the best handmade products to sell on Etsy, you can start easily and sell for high-margin profits.

20 Handmade Products to Sell on Etsy

handmade items to sell on etsy

1. Crafts

Crafts are high-profit margin items you can sell on Etsy. There are many small craft ideas that you can make easily like keychains, pet toys, decorative items, Greeting cards, and many more. all these items are sold at Etsy at high profits.

The best part of starting crafts is that its raw materials are very cheap and easily available in local shops. what are you waiting to start making your unique crafts and selling them online to make money?

2. Terra cotta

If you make pottery or selling it, you can do it on Etsy, just make beautiful pots like plates, cups, and many other things that people are already buying, Create new designs on your pots and list them on Etsy. Tera Cotte is one of the best categories of handmade products to sell on Etsy.

Believe me, people love handmade and designer utensils whether for daily use or decor purposes.

3. Customized Clothing

There is a high demand for clothing for kids, men, and women. Now if you love designing clothes or are already in a clothing line you can start customizing them and selling them on Etsy Clothing is a high-margin profit business.

You can see other listings and take ideas for the Internet for the latest designs and trends that people are interested in and work on, Leverage social media and build your handmade clothing brand on the Internet and Etsy. Customized clothing are best handmade item to sell on Etsy.

4. Paintings

Image By vector_corp

Paintings are high-margin handmade products you can sell on Etsy if you are an artist or you know some artist that creates beautiful paintings, you can sell them on Etsy. There are many categories of painting Oil Painting, Acrylic, Watercolour, Mixed, and Spray Paint.

Prices of paintings depend upon the size and type of painting, typically a normal painting with a simple background can sell from $50-100. But if you are an acrylic and water painter then prices are higher multiple times because these paintings take much effort and look more gorgeous. Rare oil paintings can cost up to $1000 on Etsy.

5. Home Decor

Home decor items are another high-demand product, especially in festival seasons when people are decorating their houses with different arts and crafts. You can sell your home decor products like rangoli, custom lights, wooden crafts, and many more decorative items.

6. Candles

Candle-making is an evergreen business and you can start it with low investments, there are many types of candles used in different places like decor candles, fancy candles, normal candles, fragrance candles, and many more. Decord candles have high-profit margins when they are sold individually.

You can start selling dome decor candles on Etsy and make profits, for more information you can connect with the people who are already doing this business on a small scale.

The best part of starting a candle business is that you can scale according to your needs. also, the demand in this sector is growing day by day.

7. Designer Clothing

Clothing is a huge industry, people are always looking for the latest fashion and trying them. If you are a designer and already selling products in the offline market, then you must try selling once on Etsy.

Designer clothing has high profit margins, selling traditional clothes for men, and women. You can also sell traditional clothing that is high in demand during festival seasons.

8. Toys

The toy business is a billion you can be part of it easily whether you are an individual or a distributor, the toy market is huge and it’s growing day by day. Whether it’s factory toys or handmade each one has its value.

Handmade Toys can be made of wood or any other material like plastic, silicon, or any other. Just remember you have to sell handmade products on Etsy to make more profit.

9. Home Temples and Shrines

Homes Temples and SHrines are very important from a religious point of view. You can handmade beautiful temples, shrines, and other structures for decoration. People will easily buy these things for home decor purposes.

10. Comic and Graphic Novels

Comic and graphic novels are easy to make nowadays because of various AI design tools, you can make any graphic book or comic book easily, write stories, and sell online.

Everything you can do with the help of tools like Canva, chatGPT, and Midjourney. You just have to compile everything print it and list it for sale.

11. Necklaces

Image by kroshka__nastya on Freepik

Handmade necklaces are a symbol of love for anyone, this can be a good business opportunity for you. Nickless comes under the Jewelry and we all know that jewelry is a high-profit margin business.

You can start creating and selling neckless at a very low price, and as an individual, this is the best business you can start and run without any extra help.

12. Collectibles

People love collecting rare items, and that’s why they can be sold at high-profit margins. You can easily create unique and rare items and sell them on Etsy and the Internet.

Collectible items can be in any form like coins, ancient current notes, boxes, ancient paintings, or some memorable moments with famous personalities, you might have seen people selling items that are signed by famous personalities all these things come under the collectibles.

13. Print On Demand

Print-on-demand is a trending business that you can start with little investment and grow, there are many print-on-demand products like T-shirt printing, mug printing, and many more. profit margin in this business is also very good, you can sell a designer t-shirt for around $50-60.

Since there are many AI tools available today to create new designs without much effort, there would be no difficulty in finding new designs.

Start a t-shirt printing business from scratch complete the guide here.

14. Women’s Ethenic Clothing

Women’s ethnic clothing are seasonal and high-profit margin business, and many occasions are related to culture and festivals. You can choose a specific niche and make designer clothes for example Lehanga for brides. Kurata for the groom. these are some high-profit margin clothing lines.

If you make only a few designs, you can sell them easily, people are always looking for new fashion and design there is always an opportunity for something new here.

15. Gifts

Gifts can be another option for selling on Etsy, there are many things you can sell as a gift like, wedding gifts, jewelry, pendants, and rings. As long as it’s handmade, it’s gonna sell in the market.

16. Dolls

Selling custom and handmade dolls is another product to sell on Etsy. either you can buy and customize one or make one from scratch. Woden dolls are also popular among handmade toys and are also culturally important for some people.

17. Picture Frames

Image by KamranAydinov on Freepik

Handmade picture frames are also popular products online. Frames made of wood, glass, and other materials with traditional or modern designs have the potential to sell online and make more money.

You can take ideas from the internet and the people who are already doing this, to start making and selling picture frames.

18. Clocks

Selling customized clocks is the next product with a high profit margin that you can customize and sell on Etsy. You can take inspiration from others on different platforms and customize it according to the latest trends to sell your clock easily.

There are many trending ideas like resin designs, wooden designs, and many more, you can also look on the Etsy store to find the best-selling designs.

Why Sell on Etsy

There are many reasons to sell on Etsy the first one is, that Etsy is like a premium platform that is specially made for handmade products. The second reason is that you get the right value for your product.

If you sell the same product in the local market you won’t get the same price, and also on other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, there are many cheap replacements for handmade products.

Listing products on Etsy is very easy, you just have to create a free account and list your products, Etsy will show your product to those interested customers and drive them to your store.

Tips for Selling Products on Etsy with High Margin

Pick Unique Product

Etsy is a handmade product site where people are willing to offer more if they are getting value-for-money products. This is the reason you should pick your products where you can get maximum profit margin.

Offer Discounts

Selling products at discounts attracts more customers, so you should decide carefully your profit margin and how much discount you are going to offer. You can run flash sales or seasonal advertisements.

Promote Your Product

Promoting your products with various methods like social media promotion, running paid ads, or paid partnerships using social media influencers can help you gain more and more customers.

Sell in Limited Quantity

This is a marketing strategy where you can show your customers that only a limited quantity of products are available currently and they should buy them ASAP. It is also called creating a false scarcity of products.

Sell High Margin Products

There are many products listed on Etsy that you can see are limited in quantity, unique, and have high price margins. You can take the example of the products listed below.

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