How to make money with Pinterest and Youtube in 2023

How to make money with Pinterest

Make money with Pinterest and Youtube

In the year 2023, there are many methods to make money online from the Internet and I have also covered various forms to make money online on the Internet in multiple ways.

Today we have a new trick to make some quick cash from the Internet, and we will use the two most popular social media platforms to make our trick work.

Follow me set by step to make money with Pinterest and Youtube.

Step 1 :

Go to and select a video from any popular niche.

Step 2 :

Copy its URL, and now download the thumbnail of that video and save it on your computer.

Now there is one more tool that you are going to need and that tool is Canva.

Step 3 :

Open Canva and select the Pinterest template and upload the thumbnail in that template, adjust and crop the recommended size.

Step 4:

Now download the thumbnail in high resolution, and please don’t worry about buying a canva subscription you can do this even with a free account.

Step 5:

Now you have downloaded the thumbnail, go to and create a new account.

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Create a new pin and upload the thumbnail as the pin. Add proper title and description.

Step 6:

Now the main part is the link you have copied from the youtube video, Goto the, and create a new account. is an URL shorter website that gives you money when someone clicks on their link.

Paste the URL of that video in the link shorter and shorten the link.

Step 7 :

Paste the shortened link in the interest destination link, and publish the pin.

Now when someone will click on the pin, he will be redirected to the shrink my website and then redirected again to the main URL.

You will make money every time when someone will click on the URL.

Once you start uploading regular pins your account will start getting more and more impressions, boosting your account reach and more and more clicks.


Making money with direct methods is so hard these days because of competition but if you are a little bit smarter then you can make money as much as you want.

This method is might be length for some people but if you are willing to work hard this is nothing, it takes maximum 5 minutes to download, edit, and upload a pin on Pinterest.

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