13 Free Tools For Content Creators

free tools for content creators

Are you struggling with the premium prices of tools online? New creators often face this problem, so we came up with the solution. and here are some free tools for content creators.

The content Creation Market is booming rapidly with every passing day and new creators are adding to the market every day from all around the globe, many social media platforms are proliferating.

For content creation we need many different tools, even if you are a beginner you should try to make content that at least looks professional so people are attracted to you, you know what they say “The more it is shown, the more it is sold”.

So, today we will discuss the tools you can use to make professional content like video and other forms that will help you to grow on social media in some way.

13 Free Tools For Content Creators

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you with all the information related to traffic on your website. Google Analytics is a very important tool for tracking your website activities and performance.

You can use signup for for Google Analytics and connect your websites with simple code snippets, It tracks clicks, daily, and monthly visitor reports, active users, impressions, Average CTR, and Ad impressions.

If your AdSense account is connected, and all reports necessary for website growth on the Internet. SEO analysts and individuals use these tools to track website performance.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free social media marketing tool for users. Google Search Console is used for indexing your website on the Google Search engine so that your websites can be seen on the Google Search engine.

You can submit your website for free here for indexing and your website will be visible on Google Search Engine when people search that keyword.

Google is the search engine used by people across the world which is why you need to index your websites in Google so more and more people can find you on the Internet easily.

You can track your website’s clicks, impressions, and URL indexing reports, Google will provide you with any indexing report problems and solutions.

The best way to register your websites on Google Search Console is by installing a “Site Kit” plugin on your website.

3. Instagram

Instagram has the biggest active user base in the world and engagement rate is also very high which makes it an ideal place for businesses to grow. You can leverage Instagram to grow your brand presence and sales online.

Instagram reels are a great way to free and organic marketing any business or product, just create a free account and start working on the content. Use social media strategies to engage with the audience and grow.

Almost every brand whether small or big, uses social media today for its marketing strategies. Social media provides equal opportunities for both big and small businesses.

4. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where people can ask any question and other people will answer them, now how you can use Quora as a content creator? We all know that content research is a very important part of being a creator.

What people are searching for online and what are their needs? this is called supply, you can easily find what people are searching for online and you can create content related to that topic and also answer those questions and provide backlinks to your content directly.

Quora is a very powerful platform for growing your community and connecting with your audience directly, answering their questions analyzing other people’s answers, and creating new content based on that topic is part of being a good content creator.

5. keyword.io

Keyword.io is a free keyword research platform, keyword.io is not a normal keyword research tool, it is a long-tail keyword research tool, for those who don’t have a clue about long-tail keywords. here is a short overview.

Long tail keywords are those keywords that contain more than 3-4 words, Long tail keywords have many benefits like most of the Google searches contain more than 4 words, so you can’t hope to rank your post with a seen keyword because of high competition.

another benefit of long-tail keywords is that they can rank for more than one query in the search engine.

Keyword.io provides you with free long-tail keywords for various platforms like Google, YouTube, amazon, Bing, Fiverr, Wikipedia, and many more. You just have to enter a seed keyword and all the long tail keywords related to that topic will appear on your screen.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to search their queries and get answers in picture format.

Pinterest is a great tool for brand advertising and also content sharing, Pinterest has millions and millions of users visiting daily, so you can create your page for free and start sharing your photos with links to your product or service.

You can also use it for content research, observe what people are creating and what people are consuming most by looking at their engagement and you will have ideas about what kind of content you need to create for a highly engaging audience.

When you have a free account you can start creating pins, please use relevant tags for engagements, and you can watch YouTube videos for complete details.

In short, You can use Pinterest for free marketing of your product and service.

7. Grammarly

This is the best tool that you will ever find on the Internet, Grammarly helps you to correct your mistakes while you are writing anything on the Internet, it might be a post, comment line, tweet, or anything it helps you everywhere, and the best part is that this is free of cost.

To use Grammarly you need to install an extension from the Google Store click here to get there. Grammarly has millions of users and has top ratings.

Grammarly corrects your spelling, and grammar while you are writing something online like an e-mail, Blog Post, tweet, or anything and you can correct that mistake in a single click.

I have been using this extension for the last 2 years for writing articles and it has been a great help for me.

8. Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool that almost every content creator uses in today’s time, it allows you to create graphical content like Instagram posts, stories, and many more. Canva has millions of templates ready to use.

Canva has both premium and free plans, but if you don’t have the money you can still use Canva to create your content just you won’t be able to use full features. Canva has millions of free stock images and short videos in all sizes.

You can also call the Canva tool required to produce content, you can choose any design and platform, they have premade designs and millions of graphic templates. and the best part is that you can connect all your social media accounts and publish content on all of them at a time.

Even if you don’t have a premium version you will get plenty of designs for your content, choose the content design according to your need and publish them.

9. SnapSeed

Snapseed is a free tool from Google that helps you to edit your photos and other graphical content, Snapseed has several filters that you can apply instantly. This app is mostly used by professionals for final retouching.

This app is full of useful tools that a professional photo editing app has, and the best part is it is available for free on Android and Apple devices.

If you are a youtube this app is great for creating graphical representations and also creating thumbnails and banners for your channel. You will get hundreds of different effects for your photo and all the basic to advanced tools required to edit a photo like a pro.

10. Inflact

In fact is a powerful Instagram marketing tool, but the other tools are paid so we can only use hashtags, we can find trending hashtags on their blog and use them in your post. We all know how important hashtags are for Instagram reach, correct use of Instagram tags can boost your account from 0 to the moon.

Here is how to find the trending hashtags on Inflact for free, go to their website Inflact. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the blog section there. Click on read our blog.

You will find trending topics on the internet and click on that article, when you scroll down further in the article you will find the hashtags that are trending on the Internet related to that topic.

Simply copy it from there and use it in your IG post. You can browse their blog and you will find the best topic related to your content.

11. Inshot

Inshot is a short video editing tool, short videos are trending these days so there are many tools that he’s you to make and edit short videos with many features like adding different effects and transitions, luckily Inshot is an app that you can use to do all those things all in one place.

Feature of Inshot

Trim Video

Remove the middle part

Split video

Merge clips

Adjust speed

Free vlog music

Sound Effects


Download the Inshot app now

12 Youtube Title Generator

For YouTubers who are struggling to find ideas about generating their blog title, this tool will help you to generate catchy and unique titles for your new blogs, you just need to select the language, enter the topic of your blog, and write a few words about your blog.

Click on generate and you will get 3 unique titles for your blogs and if you are not satisfied with the result, you can generate again. This tool is completely free to use without any signup.

13. Pexels

Pexels is a free stock image website that allows you to download royalty-free images for commercial purposes. I recommended this instead of Unsplash because here you will get free videos along with photos.

You can download these videos and use them in any of your projects easily without any watermark. Videos are 1-2 min. long and best for creating short videos. You can give credits in the description if you like but it’s not mandatory.


Content creators find difficulties in the beginning while they are working on a project, sometimes they are asked to pay premium prices to use the services, however, there are always some alternatives to these premium tools.

I have shared some 13 tools here, and I will keep sharing more so please turn on the notification bell to avoid missing updates.

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