How To Solve Low Value Content Problem in Adsense

How To Solve Low Value Content Problem in Adsense

Are you also tired of getting rejected from Google Adsense for Low Value Content, this is a very common problem that new bloggers face today. So I wrote this article about how I approved my new website after getting rejected more than 15 times.

In this article, you will understand all the factors that are causing this error and learn how to solve low value content problem in Adsense step by step. Getting AdSense approval is the first step for bloggers to make money, many new bloggers struggle at this step and ask questions on different forums regarding this problem.

So I decided to answer this question, how I do it for myself?

Why Low Value Content Error?

Adsense gives this error when your site is not providing valuable information to the users, like writing very short articles with half the information or writing very lengthy articles deliberately to increase the word count.

The second reason can be that you are using AI tools to write articles and posting directly them on your site without optimizing them. Many bloggers are saying that you can rank your site using AI content, but they are not telling you that they have high-authority websites.

So if you are writing articles using chatGPT or any other tool, stop doing that you are going nowhere with that.

The next reason can be that you are targeting highly competitive keywords and because of that your website is not getting any visitors to that page, google considers them as low-value content.

Directly copying from any big blog goes under the same category because you can copy their ideas but because of low domain authority you won’t get any visitors, again the same problem.

The next reason can be your website is not getting any traction from any source no one is visiting your site whether directly from social networks.

I hope now you have some idea about the low-value content, now it’s about time we know how can we resolve this error and get our website approved for AdSense in just 2 months.

How To Solve Low Value Content Problem in Adsense

There is no particular way to solve this problem, I mean to say that there is not something particular you need to do to solve this problem. we will discuss them step by step.

Step 1: Create Engaging Content


The first step of creating high-value content is to engage your audience, like writing catchy headlines, and short paragraphs with simple and exact words, and using stories and examples to make your audience understand better what you are trying to say.

Write complete details about the topic and give references from high authority sites from where you are using that information.

Step 2: Create Social Profiles

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Take your blog as a business and create social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and share your posts there regularly as soon as you post them also post content related to your niche it would attract an audience from your niche.

And then you can redirect them to your website, like I do from my Pinterest account. I have around 10K monthly views on my Pinterest and around 200 pin clicks monthly which is not much enough to give Google some impression.

Step 3: Schedule Content

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As I told you earlier if you are serious about blogging, you should take it as a business. You have to post content regularly, that doesn’t mean you have to post daily articles, that simply means you have to publish your articles on particular days.

Let’s say you can publish an article once a week, then you should decide the day and schedule your content for that day, this gives the crawler the impression that you are posting content regularly.

Step 4: Stop Using AI to Write Content

Many new bloggers jumped into this field after they heard that, they could write articles using chatGPT and make money blogging, most probably they heard it from some YouTube guru. But the reality is far different from that.

Ai content can rank but there are tricks like you can’t just copy and paste it, you have to modify content according to human-readable format and then optimize it.

Blogs with high authority can rank easily using AI articles but won’t go too far. As for new bloggers, they should strictly stay away from AI writing tools if they want to rank.

How Many Visitors Do You Need To Get Adsense Approved?

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There isn’t any fixed number you need to get AdSense approval, As in my case my website was getting around 20-50 visitors per day, and I was posting articles once a week.

My focus was on building a social profile and I was posting regular content on all platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and Medium. The main focus should be getting traction from anywhere whether organically or directly to your website.

You need to do this regularly for at least two months and then apply for AdSense, if your website has even 15-20 visitors per day your website would still get approved. For more information, you can read Google’s official guidelines for AdSense approval.

Also for off-page, you can start building backlinks, which would give you more authority.

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