How to Start a Sticker Printing Business Using AI

sticker printing business using ai

AI has taken a lot of jobs in the market but many people are leveraging AI to set up their businesses like marketing, copywriting, and ad creation, today we will discuss a similar business that you can start using AI and connect with different industries to sell your product.

This business idea is already running but AI has made it very simple even for newbies so let’s learn how to start a sticker printing business using AI and make money.

Where we sell that and how businesses are connected with it, we will go through everything in detail.

How to Start a Sticker Printing Business Using AI

sticker printing business

If you are reading my blogs, or have read my previous business blog, you must know the first step of starting any business is market research, you should know how deep is the water before jumping into it.

1. Exploring the Sticker Printing Market

Many printing businesses are connected to sticker printing like t-shirt printing, mug printing, and card printing, but our main focus would be on t-shirt printing because of the market size and demand.

Different types of stickers that you can create and print are vinyl stickers, paper stickers, die-cut stickers, and kiss-cut stickers.

The current Market size of this business is around $3 Billion and is projected to grow by $6 billion by the end of 2032, so you can say that there is market demand for this product.

2. Planning Your Business

Business planning

Sticker Printing is a dependent business means you cannot scale this business without the help of other businesses. Just take a simple example, you start creating stickers but where are you going to sell them? to individuals on the streets? that’s too much hassle.

You can sell them to businesses on the offline market and in the online market you can target both businesses and individuals as online marketplaces are easy to manage and you don’t have to wonder customers to customers. Just list your product and they will buy it.

You can also scale this business to poster printing according to your sales and customer demands, the deeper you can understand the market and customer behavior the more products you can sell hence boosting your revenue.

As an individual, I would recommend you to sell directly to your online customers in that way you can gain maximum profits.

3. Inventory Investment Cost

To start this sticker printing business you need basic equipment like a laptop, vinyl paper, and a sticker printer and you are ready to go. When you are selling the bundles you only need a digital copy but when you are selling it in the offline market you will need a physical copy.

Your total investment in inventory would be around $500-$600 excluding the laptop. Also, you don’t need much space for the business to start.

Profit margin would be around 40% which is pretty high for a small business.

4. How to Make Stickers Using AI

After we are done exploring the market it’s about time to learn how to create our stickers using AI for absolutely free, at least for the time being it’s free and you can generate unlimited stickers.

We are going to use the latest generative AI tool by Microsoft, Copilot, it can generate stickers based on your prompt, and don’t worry prompts are very simple, just write what you want and you will get it, as simple as that.

Here are some examples that I have generated using Microsoft Copilot.

To start creating these stickers all you need is a Microsoft account; after that, you are ready to create high-quality images and stickers.

5. Manufacturing Stickers

After you have created the design in your leptop, you can import it and print it according to your requirements, there are various kinds of sticker printers available in the market, and you can choose them according to your budget and the type of sticker you want to print.

6. Share your Stickers

Share your stickers online to see people’s reaction and their opinions whether they like them or not, and stay close to the trend to fulfill users’ demands. You can check other sellers online and see how they are doing and their customer’s demand.

Try to fill the gap that your other sellers are ignoring, a tricky method to check customers’ behavior, go to popular forums like Pinterest, Quora, and Reddit search for the communities that are interested in stickers, and read all the posts and comments there.

You will have some idea about their likes and dislikes. from there, you can start with new ideas that customers are searching for.

Marketplace To Sell Stickers

The Online market is the best place to sell stickers if you want to make good money from selling stickers, you can sell online to a large ground of audience at a time.

As you can see people are already selling both digital and physical stickers, you can also get in this market and start selling your custom stickers.

To sell stickers digitally you have to make a bundle as no one is going to buy individual stickers and target the t-shirt printing businesses to buy your stickers.

For that, you have to decide your niche like technology, aesthetics, traveling or anime make a bundle, and send it to businesses. if they like they would buy your sticker bundle.

To sell digitally you can list your product on the following websites.

Marketing Your Digital Stickers


Marketing is critical in today’s competitive business, there are many ways to market your product like running ads on Facebook and Instagram. But the best method I would suggest that is currently working is through content creation.

You can start posting content related to the business like printing custom stickers by targeting particular communities like dog lovers, tech enthusiasts, nature, and more.

Once people notice your work, your business will be flooded with orders. People are already following this strategy on Instagram.

Who Can Start a Sticker Printing Business?

Since this is a small-scale business that requires little investment anyone from housewives to college students can start this business with minimum investments. All you need is a sticker printer, leptop, and vinyl paper.

Interested kids can also try this business since it doesn’t cost much and is easy to set up.

Why You Should Start Sticker Printing Business

There are many reasons to start a sticker printing business let’s discuss them step by step.

1. Easy to Start

Most businesses today require a complex registration process but in sticker printing you can skip this part as mostly you are going to make sales through online platforms. No entry barrier like minimum investments or something like that.

2. No funding required

When we think about starting a business the first thing that comes to our mind is investment cost but since this business requires only an initial investment of around $500-$600 you don’t need investors to fund your business.

3. Beginner-friendly

As I told you this business is easy to start you don’t need high and complex skills like coding or what so ever, you only need basic graphic designing knowledge that you can learn in a few hours and start working.

4. Low Risk

Since the investment is very low the risk is also very low, even if your business fails you won’t lose a lot of capital, only about $1000 maximum amount you can lose.

5. Easy To Sell

Since the pricing of this product is very low, it’s very easy to sell in the market and people would buy it without thinking much based on their emotions. not like they are buying something expensive that they need to analyze everything.


A sticker printing business is a great idea for solo entrepreneurs who are looking to generate side income with minimum investment, as you know starting a business requires a lot of effort in the initial days as you have to set everything up from scratch.

But once your groundwork is laid out you can start expanding and making profits from your business. I hope now you have a rough idea of how you can start a sticker printing business using AI.

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