What is 12% Club? How you can make money With it? Invest or Borrow

12% club

What is 12% Club?

12 % Club is a new startup that allows you to invest and earn 12% by deploying yourself with an NBFC- peer-to-peer platform. 12% Club partners with various P2P NBFC partners to provide these services.

This is fully regulated by RBI, the invested amounts are placed with RBI-regulated P2P NBFC.

12% Club Features

There are some important features provided by 12% club :

  • Backed by PhonePay
  • under RBI guidelines.
  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawal.
  • No hidden charges on Deposite or Withdrawl

Why should you Trust 12% Club?

Well, there is a reason why you can trust this startup and invest your money or lend money because BharatPay backs 12% club. BharatPay was a new startup that gained popularity by its no-fee transaction feature.

12% Club allows users to invest and earn some money same as BharatPay.

How to create an account on 12% Club?

You can create a free account on 12% club, although you need to verify your identity using KYC. You can now add money to invest in the 12% club or you can borrow money at 12% interest.

How you can make Money with the 12% club?

This is so simple, you just have to invest some money and you will earn 12% interest on your money. Once you complete your KYC, you can click on add money and start earning returns on your investments.

You can add money in your 12% account using UPI, Debit Card, and NetBanking. there are no charges for adding money in your wallet.

How does it work?

You can earn 12% interest on your invested amount, the return is in the form of interest paid by the borrower to whom money is lent through a P2P NBFC partner.

Please note that either you can take a loan or you can give it, you can do it at the same time.

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