5 Different Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

make money as a content creator

The creator market is growing at a rapid pace and there are many doors for content creators, they are making good money from their content. Content Creation is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions of people around the world

Today we are going to discuss the different ways in which a content creator can make money.

What is a Content Creator?

A content Creator is a person who creates digital content like videos, blogs, infographics, and music on the Internet. Many platforms allow you to create and share your content for absolutely free like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms also provide you the facility of monetizing your content.

5 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

1. Monetization

This is the primary way to make money with your content on the Internet. Many famous content creation platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google have launched their monetization programs to monetize your content in different ways.

They are paid based on the clicks on their content and impressions. the more people watch their videos the more clicks creators get and the more money they can make. It also depends on the platform and type of content you are creating.

Like if your content is related to business, finance, Technology, or Investing then it’s more likely that you would get more CPC than on content like Entertainment, News, and others.

You have to fulfill their simple rules and your content will be monetized easily.

2. Brand Promotion

This is the secondary way to make money on your content, generally, if you have a decent number of followers on any platform then there is a high chance that you will get brand promotions easily.

Many bloggers and YouTubers have admitted that they make way more money with brand promotion rather than monetization. Brand promotion can be in any format like a video or any post or maybe it can be a link.

Once you complete certain milestones on any account like getting subscribers and followers, brands will start approaching you to promote their products and services.

In a recent podcast, some Instagram influencers admitted that they charge around $200-300 for promotions on the account they have 100K-200K followers.

This is another way to make money as a content creator, you just have to sign up on some platforms that provide you with affiliate commission when you promote their products.

Just past the link of that product in your content, this is also a form of promotion when you will only be paid if you get a sale from that link.

This method is very ideal for YouTubers and bloggers, they can take a product and review it and later put the link in the description and blog so interested people can buy directly from their link.

4. Sell Products/Services

Selling products or services is easy once you have a decent number of followers and reach. You can sell products like online courses or any other services like website development or maybe any other.

There are many YouTubers and bloggers who are selling their courses because they already have their audience on social media platforms they can easily promote their courses and sell them.

Today popular YouTubers and bloggers are making more than they can make from their monetization plan.

5. Sell your Account/Page

This is also one of the proven ways to make money, if you are busy and have no time to manage your account or you need money then you can sell your creator account and make some decent money with that.

You can do this with Facebook and Instagram Pages, many people have built businesses with that like creating pages growing, and then selling them to other people is kind of business also.

Social media influencers can create a page from a certain niche and grow it since they already have some fan followers it’s easy for them to grow that page and later they can sell it or monetize it. This model is also known as Theme Page Business.

How Much Money Content Creators Make?

The sky is the limit. There are no particular numbers that define the amount of revenue content creators generate because revenue depends on various factors like your content views, social media followers, and how much engagement you are generating.

There are many forms of content like Blogs, Videos, and Infographics, every one has a different method of monetization. Revenue highly depends on the type of content you are creating.

Bloggers make more money from ad revenue while Video creators make more money from sponsorships.

Revenue also depends upon the region, type of content, and audience, if your audience is from developed countries you will be paid more while if your audience is from a third-world country your revenue will be lower.

Google has given an estimation of how much can you make from a blog with a certain number of visitors on your blog, you can check it out here.


Once you get in the creator field you will realize there are unlimited ways to make money from the Internet and the content. You just need focus and consistency. It takes time and patience to be a creator.

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