25 Blog Ideas That Make Money in 2024

blog ideas that make money

Blogging is a great way to make money online in 2024, So if you are thinking about starting a blog and can’t decide on the right topic, don’t worry we are here for you with a lot of ideas to start blogging.

Blogging requires passion and patience if you are not passionate about blogging then at some point you might give up. But if you like writing there is nothing to hold you back.

You cannot succeed in blogging by writing a few posts, keep working till you start getting results. Today I share some blogging topics on which you can start writing.

25 Blog Ideas that Make Money

1. Travel Blog

If you are a traveler and like traveling then, you can start a travel blog and write about your travel experiences to people on the Internet, many people are searching for reviews of many new places to visit, You can also recommend places to people whom you already visited. Popular travel blogs are LegalNomads, uncorneredmarket.

2. Technology Blog

This is a trending blog idea in 2022, if you love technology and like to share knowledge about the latest taught to people then writing a blog is one of the best ways to do so. You can write about new technology in the market or review new phones like most of YouTubers do today.

3. Finance Blog

This blog is in high demand and has the highest CPC rate while finance blogs are the most profitable blogs. In this blog, you can write about the daily market updates and big companies that perform and also write about business reviews. How to start a profitable business and many more things.

4. Product Reviews

A product reviews blog is an underrated blog idea, In this blog, you can review various products and write about their pros and cons in detail, people in today’s era always check reviews of a product before buying on the internet to make sure they are proving product according to their promise or not.

You can also write sponsored posts after you start getting sponsorships.

5. Development

This is a targeted niche blog, and your main targets are developers and programmers, if you love to write about code and problem-solving methods then you should start a development blog and provide tips and tricks to solve problems in coding and also tell them about the latest tools they can use as a resource to make their life easy.

You can take examples from these blogs, JavaPoint, Sand Foundry, and programs, these are the top sites that blog about coding and development and also explain different topics in easy words.

6. Cryptocurrency Blog

Cryptocurrency is a new topic in the market and if you love this technology then there is a huge opportunity for you to start a crypto blog because there are not many people in today’s time who are covering this topic.

You can start explaining to people about cryptocurrency, NFTs, and crypto exchanges in simple words. Once you build an audience then you can post according to your time. You can also post about the latest updates on crypto news.

7. Gaming

This is another top niche blog that you can start, the Gaming industry is huge so there is a huge audience in this category, and you can take advantage of that easily, giving the latest updates about new games and gaming techniques, You can also review the latest console. Take a look at these gaming websites Gamesradar, Kotaku, and Polygon.


This is something that every beginner blogger does. Posting the latest news on different topics like politics and weather reports or the latest incidents in your city, is also a great idea to start blogging.

NEWS blogs take time to rank because there are several news websites already trying to rank first on Google. So the only option you have is to keep writing and hard work will pay off one day.

9. Health

If you are a doctor then you can share your knowledge through your blog to make people more aware of their health. Health blog is the most demanded niche that everyone needs since many blogs are spreading fake information nobody takes advice from the internet, So there is a need for good health advisers on the Internet and you can fill that gap with your blog.

10. Lifestyle

This is one of the underrated topics but also one of the most demanded topics for a blog idea. In this blog, you can teach people about life and explain real-life situations and how to deal with it, talk about parenting, and many more things.

11. Beauty and Skincare

This is for ladies if you are free at home and doing nothing then you can start a beauty and skincare blog, There are already several YouTubers doing this but not many in blogs so there is an opportunity for you, also there are several sponsors in this market you can easily get one.

You can try different beauty products and write their reviews like pros and cons in detail so people can understand what they are buying.

12. Anime

This is the new trending topic on the Internet, though anime has been in the market for a long time in recent years it has taken a boom and now more and more people are talking about this.

So there comes the opportunity for you, You can write about anime like later and upcoming and then share in different anime communities on different platforms like Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram groups, and Reddit.

Anime is a new topic so there is also not much competition in this niche, you can easily rank your blog in a few months if you work continuously.

13. Education

Since the start of the pandemic, online study has gone up and now students prefer online education instead of going to classes so there comes the opportunity for you, You can explain the topic in simple words that students can understand easily just by reading your blog that would be a great help for them.

And also along with that, you can sell your courses on your website. Recommend books and write reviews about the best books for them in detail according to their needs.

14. Pets

This is another micro niche blog that you can state, that nearly 70% population in the United States own pets you can write about pets, like how to train dogs, How to adopt pets and how to take care of their health and wellness, all these things comes under Pets niche.

15. Story Writing

If you are a writer and you love writing stories and poems, you should start writing it on the internet instead of writing it on paper so that everyone can notice and appreciate your work. later you can also write stories for other people and sell them, this is a great way to start your journey of story writing.

16. Personal Blog

Everyone should have a personal blog today, even if you don’t have money don’t worry you can start it on any platform where you can write about your life and experiences. Your life story might motivate someone and show them ways to deal with life more effectively.

17. Cooking

This is the most underrated topic on which you can write a blog and help people cook good meals. Cooking is one of the most searched topics on the internet. In this blog, you can explain in detail how to cook a delicious meal and the different ingredients required step by step.

There is much demand for cooking blogs on the internet, so if you think you can write about it there is a high opportunity for housewives.

18. Affiliate Blog

This is something everyone does on the internet if he is a content creator like a blogger or YouTube. In an affiliate marketing blog you have to write reviews about different products and give their affiliate link, and when someone buys that product from your link you earn some commission also you can monetize your blog, so there is double profit.

19. Movie review

If you love watching movies then you can start a blog and write about your experiences and reviews about the latest movies and web series, several web series and movies are launching every day so not everyone has time to watch each one of them and decide the best one, you can share the best contents available to watch on the internet and make money by doing so.

20. Gadgets Reviews

This is also another niche that you can cover in your blog, you just have to try different gadgets and write about their pros and cons, should people buy them or not, you can share your detailed review on your blog post and people can decide whether should they try it or not.

Several technical YouTubers are doing the same and making a lot of money from it.

21. Sports updates

This is also the best niche on which you can write blogs if you are interested in sports you can choose any type of sport there are millions of fans worldwide you can connect with them and share the latest details about their game.

Popular sports like Football and Cricket have Billions of fans all around the world you can also see them as your future potential, as customers of your website.

22. Tips and Tricks

This is another micro niche blog on which you can start your blog, you can write about phone tricks and small problems that phone faces how to solve them, useful websites, and free content all about them, there are high search results on these topics. This is a great way to start a blog from small topics.

23. Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are essential in today’s life where the market of full of junk foods, you can provide information about fresh foods and vegetables for people to eat healthy and be fit. Yoga meditation and exercise are also very important for health you can educate people through your blog.

24. Design and Development

if you are a creator or developer, you can share your knowledge with people on the internet. It can be either about new designs or ideas for solving new problems. There are many creators today we were working professionals but today they are full-time content creators.

Solving problems is the best way to get to people and grow an audience with them.

25. Digital Marketing Blog

Digital marketing is growing as the audience on the internet spends more and more time. You can teach people about digital marketing services like advertising, SEO, PPC, and more. Many people are looking to build their skills online, you can guide them with your blog.

Pros and Cons of Blog


  1. The entry Barrier is null, which means anyone can buy a domain and start blogging easily, you hardly need $100 to publish a blog website.
  2. You can publish your blog from anywhere in the world, just need an internet connection.
  3. Once your blog is established you can make thousands of dollars easily.


  1. Blogs are now different from what it was in 2016-17, now the competition has touched the skies. topics like affiliate marketing and health and fitness are very hard to compete and rank.
  2. Blogging is not easy. many people on platforms like YouTube and Instagram are saying that you can make easy money with a blog. I’m but you have been lied to.
  3. 50% of the blogger give up their blogging career within the next 3 months and the rest 90% within the next 9 months.


Starting a blog and ranking in search engines has become difficult because of heavy competition. So, you must be prepared to face the challenges and work hard to rank your blog.

Choosing a topic for bogging can be difficult because there are many topics that are already saturated and difficult to rank, so you need a deep research before you start.

Hello, I'm Praveen, a seasoned blogger with a rich background spanning 3 years. My niche revolves around small business, startups, and novel money-making concepts. Dive into my blog for expert insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories tailored to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. Let's navigate the dynamic world of business together, turning ideas into profitable ventures.

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