How to Make Money On Instagram in 2024

how to make money on instagram

Interaction on social media is growing day by day, If you are also one of those who waste entire precious time on social media, there are less than 10% of creators on social media, and the rest of them si audiences and less than 5% of creators make good money so how do they make money. Let’s deep dive and learn How to Make Money On Instagram.

There are no direct ways to make money on Instagram link YouTube but there is a huge opportunity on this platform because there is a huge audience, there are many indirect ways all of which are listed below.

How to Make Money On Instagram

1. Brand Sponsorships

This is the primary way to make money on Instagram, Instagram doesn’t monetize your content like reels or IGTV videos, so technically you are not going to get any money from there, For all creators brand sponsorship is the way to generate most of their income.

The more followers and content engagement you have more brand sponsorships you are going to get.

Top Instagram influencers like Ronaldo and Virat Kohli make more than a million just for one sponsored post that’s the power of social media.

2. Page Buying and Selling

This is a trending business this time, what people do is, they make an Instagram page and when the page reaches certain goals they sell it and make good profits, there are various websites where you can buy and sell Instagram pages.

Pages such as tech blogs, Finance blogs, and Anime are the trending types of selling pages this time.

Here is the list of websites where you can buy and sell Instagram Pages

Social Tradia




Insta Sale


This is one of the best ways to make money also compatible with platforms like taking a product recording videos editing it and posting it or reels, there are a lot of people who are gonna like your product and when they ask for the product give them a link in your bio.

Promoting a product every day will give you tons of sales and you are gonna make a lot of money with affiliate links.

4. Sell on Instagram

Instagram Shopping is a set of features that allows people to shop for your product, You can take pictures and record videos of your product and post it on your page and the shop tag allows users to directly navigate to your shop.

Product tags allow users to easily tap and learn more about your product. You can also promote your products with Instagram ads.

Check out all the details and rules for selling on Instagram here.

5. Sell Courses

selling courses is also one of the ways to make money on Instagram, You must have seen many seen in today’s time digital marketing and trading courses are sold on Instagram, you can also do that.

If you think you can teach people something valuable in your course, you your audience about that and also show them your results for further proof.

Once you show proof that you have already done this in your industry, people will believe you and they will buy your courses.

6. Directly Advertise your Brand

If you already have an e-commerce business then you can use Instagram to boost your sales growth. Most of the popular brands have their social media handles today and they all post regularly to make people aware of their new products.

You can also do the same, you can create a page for your business and start posting photos and videos of your product and all you have to do is give a link to your website in your bio, and people will catch you from there.

Many creators today are using Instagram to build their brand online and get a lot of new audiences from their Instagram pages.

7. Theme Page Business

Instagram theme pages are getting popular these days, and why not they are generating unlimited cash for the faceless creators, all you have to do is to choose a niche and start posting content related to that niche.

Once you reach a certain milestone, you can start making money from brand sponsorships and video ads. People are already doing this and making a lot of money daily.


Instagram has become a very popular platform for creators and influencers and they are making good money from it, there are many ways to make money from Instagram, and I have already explained the majority of them.

You can choose any idea that suits you best and start working on it, It is very important to note that, making money on Instagram takes time to build a loyal audience for some people it can be 2 months, and for some, it can be 2 years, So sometimes you need to be patient.

How much does Instagram Pay you for 1000 views?

Instagram won’t pay you any money for your views doesn’t matter if you have 1000 or 10000000

How to get paid by Instagram as a creator?

Instagram has closed its creator funds program so there is no way you are getting paid you being a creator.

Can you Make Money From Instagram Just by posting any content?

There is high chance that you won’t make any money from posting random content until or unless your poster is getting viral or you already have an established audience base.

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