How to Start Resin Art Business | Complete Guide

how to start resin art business

Social Media Platforms are filled with resin craft videos where people are creating beautiful artifacts from resin and selling them. If you are also curious about this business, you are at the right place, today I will give you every detail on how to start resin art business.

There are many questions related to this like is there a demand for products made from resin? are they profitable? where can you sell them? Should you start a resin art business? In this blog, I will explain this business in detail and share my experiences with resin art.

What is Resin?

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Resin is a chemical that turns into a solid when mixed with a hardener. We will not go into deep chemistry just understand this, It is just like a liquid when mixed with another liquid it turns into a solid.

The two liquids are resin and hardener, both are generally colorless liquids. You have to note that both are necessary for creating craft, you cannot go with only one because only after mixing does the resin get hard and take shape. I have explained how to handle the resin and craft the materials step by step below.

Different Types of Resin

Two major types of resin that are used to make crafts are:

1. Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is the most popular resin that is widely used for various purposes including making crafts. It consists of two parts first is resin and second is hardner. takes around 8-10 hours to dry completely.

2. UV Resin

UV resin is widely used for making jewelry because of its less hardening time. and you can also use UV rays to dry the crafts. It’s lesser in quality than epoxy resin, after one year they tend to fade and form clouds on their surface.

Initial Investment cost

The resin art business is a micro-business that requires minimum capital. You can start a resin art business with a minimum investment of $500. In Which, you need around $300 for resin supplies and $200 for online business setup.

If you are setting up your websites your initial investment may go higher because you need to handle the delivery yourself.

Also, there are varieties of products made from resin, If you are going to resin Jewelry, you need to spend some more. There are high chance that the materials are not available in your country and you may need to import some materials.

On Jewelry products you need to spend around $3-4 per piece

In my case, I imported my resin jewelry materials from China. For two reasons first they are super cheap and they have a variety of products from similar niches. I will explain in detail about importing sample raw materials from China.

Essential Supplies for Resin Craft

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The material required depends on the type of craft you are going to create like:


Resin is the primary material for making Resin crafts, and also this would be the most costly material among all, accounting for around 60% of the total cost. But still, you can easily buy 1-1.5 Kg, for under $20-$30.

You also need to be careful while dealing with this chemical because it’s very hazardous, make sure you are equipped with proper safety gear like gloves and mask.

You can easily buy the resin from online stores or any craft shop, although I would recommend you buy it online because it would be cheaper.


Hardner is used along with the Resin to make it hard and give proper shape. Resin and hardener are bought together total cost will always included with the resin. This means when you will buy resin you will have to buy resin and hardener together.

Also certain thing you need to note that resin and harder come in certain ratios like 1:2, and 1:3 which indicates how much amount of resin and hardener you have to use while crafting.

Safety Equipment

I already explained to you that resin is a harmful chemical and you need to be careful while working with it, so must take safety measures like gloves, and glasses. Make sure the place you are working should have proper ventilation.

Also, you must have a stirring rod to mix the resin and hardner.

You must not though the resin or hardener with a bare hand at any cost.


Molds are used to give shapes to resin, usually, we use silicon molds because they are flexible and durable. Silicon molds are easily available online in different shapes and sizes, they are costly but not as much as resin.

Resin DYE

Resin and Hardners are usually colorless liquids, to make them colorful and more attractive we need to use resin dye, you can change the color of your resin according to your needs.

Resin DYE can be used directly in the resin while mixing with the hardener or you can put it in the mold before filling the mold with liquid. But make sure that DYE will only work if the resin is not hardened, after hardening it won’t work.

Pigment Powder

Pigment powders are used to create various color shades of resin and give texture to resin they also give shine to resin crafts.

How to Start Resin Art Business?

There are various steps involved in starting a resin business let’s discuss them step by step:

1. Select a niche

Resin art and craft is a wide niche and if you are serious about setting up a resin art business you should select your niche wisely don’t try to start everything all at once, let’s say you choose you make pendents.

Now you can focus on different types of pendants you can make like dry flower pendants and plane resin pendants, you can search for more ideas from Pinterest.

2. Get Supplies

Now you have chosen your niche, it’s time to buy supplies according to your niche if you have chosen to make and sell the pendants, In supplies you will need pendent hollow shapes or in which you will fill the resin.

Chains for your pendants and flowers to fill inside the pendent. In case are are going to make pendants only with resin, you won’t need the frame but instead the molds and driller to make holes in the resin.

3. Learn and Perfect your Skills

Resin is easy but that doesn’t mean you can be perfect the first time, so first you need to practice will resin to make a perfect craft.

Many YouTube channels will teach you about creating resin crafts, and learn and apply them with your resin crafts like Steve McDonald Arts and Crafts, Resin Crafts 101, Daniel Cooper.

You can develop the crafting of the best resin items in no time that people love.

4. Safety Measures

As I already told you resin is highly toxic chemical that can cause hard yo your skin and body that’s why you need to be careful and must follow the proper safety measures.

5. Share Your Craft Online

While you are creating crafts, you should share them online with people to build an audience, it will help you later when you start selling. There are many platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook where you can share them.

6. Setup your Online shop

When you have learned to create crafts and your online audience is built, it is about time to set up your online shop to sell those beautiful crafts.

Make sure you start it with a brand name, it builds trust and recognition for your product.

Now you can start selling your craft to your online audience.

7. Marketing

Marketing is a very important aspect of starting an online business because if you are not getting sales, you would be out of business very soon. There are many ways to generate sales like directly from your social media, Pinterest, and Facebook ads.

I already told you to share your craft online when you start making it will help you to gather and build an audience base with similar interest and you can sell any product easily on the first day.

Process of Making Resin Crafts

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Here is step by step process to make a resin craft.

Step 1: Take Resin, hardner, a bowl, and a steering rod.

Step 2: Pour down the resin and hardner in the bowl in the proper ratio, as I have already explained the ratio, you can also see the ratio instruction on the resin bottle.

Step 3: Mix the resin and hardner with the help of the steering rod in the bowl, as rein and hardner have different properties rein is highly viscous and hardner is very light, take at least 10 minutes and mix them well.

Step 4: If you would like to add some color, you can add it while mixing the resin and hardner.

Step 5: Take the silicon mold and pour the mixture into the mold. Place the mold on a plane surface, it would allow the mixture to spread equally.

Step 6: Wait for 8-10 hours for the resin to dry and after that, you can take out your resin craft from the mold. In 8-10 hours resin would become hardened, now you can polish and sell it.

Different types of crafts use different molds and might have lower dry time but the resin mixture process and hardening process are the same in every craft.

Let’s see the different types of crafts you can make from resin.

Different types of resin craft.

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List of Best-Selling Resin Crafts that you can sell:


Keychains are the easiest items to make from resin, you just need the resin mixture, a mold, and the chains. After casting the mixture in the mold you can drill it and hook the chain, Your DIY keychains are ready.


There are several jewelry items you can make from resin-like rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, and many more. To make jewelry you need the materials like frames and chains.

You can make bangles and earrings with just molds but to craft complex jewelry you need more materials like chain frames, flowers, and mold.

Resin Photo Art:

Resin photo art is the technique of protecting photos by coating a resin layer on the photo. This way photos can be framed for a long time.

Picture Frames:

You can make picture frames with resin and mold, they are beautiful and durable. They are sold at high prices on online platforms.

Dried Flower Resin:

Dried flowers can be used to make beautiful decorative items, to make dried flower resin you need flowers, resin, and mold. and then you can easily make dried flower resin.

DIY resin tray:

Resin can be used to make home-based items like trays, cups, and plates, you just need the mold and you are ready to go, you can design the tray according to your choice.

Resin Art:

Resin is used to make beautiful wall art for decorative purposes, this can be accomplished with the help of artificial painting and coloring DYE.

Where Can You Sell?

The most important part of any business is sales, where do you sell these arts? Is there any marketplace for these types of crafts?

Since there is demand for these products, there must be a marketplace, let’s have a look at a few popular marketplaces that are selling handmade crafts.

1. Your Website

The best and most popular way of selling resin crafts is selling from your online store, you create an online store list your products, and sell them.

There are many benefits of selling directly from your online store:

  1. You have full control over the prices and products.
  2. You don’t have to pay the extra listing or sales cost.
  3. Run ads according to your budget.

2. E-commerce Platforms

The second option is selling on online platforms like Etsy, Amazon and Flipkart. Here you can sign up for free and list your products for sale.

Here are some advantages of selling from online platforms

  1. You don’t have to worry about the delivery. Big platforms like Amazon and Etsy manage their supply chain for fulfillment.
  2. They provide the facility for platform advertisement and also when your product starts getting popular they start recommending it to more and more customers for free, which increases the sales potential.

3. Social Media

There is no better platform for selling anything better than social media platforms. Today, platforms like Instagram and TikTok have marketplaces for directly selling products.

This feature makes it easy for creators to start their e-commerce journey easily. You can start posting content about your product and link them directly to your shop, this way your customers won’t be lost browsing the products.

Platforms like Pinterest have high engagement and thus have a high probability of conversion.

Why Resin Craft Business?

There are many advantages to starting a resin craft business:

  1. Resin Business is Easy to Start because of the low entry barrier. You hardly need $500 to start your own resin craft business.
  2. Resin crafts are easy to make, you don’t need any special training to start making it.
  3. Profit margins in resin arts are high.

Some Disadvantages of Resin Craft

Although resin crafts seem good there are some disadvantages too like:

  1. The resin craft market is niche-based means its size is very small and has limited growth potential.
  2. Resin is a highly dangerous chemical that can be harmful if not handled carefully and also it has some long-term use consequences. So, You need to have protective gear like a mask and gloves.
  3. Sometimes you have to import raw materials when you are working with jewelry which would cost you extra money.


The resin art business is a unique business opportunity for everyone, you can start it part-time and create a good income stream. The best thing about resin craft is that you don’t need any training or experience to start it.

It certainly has some bad sides like small market size and toxic chemicals but hey, every business has some flaws that we have to deal with, and this one is also the same. any college student or housewife can easily start this business with little investment.

Who can start this business?

Anyone from college students to housewives, this is a small business that requires very little investment.

Is the resin art business profitable?

Yes, the resin art business is profitable with profit margin of more than 60%

How Much does it cost to start a resin business?

You can start resin art business with as littles as $500-1000.

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