7 Best Tips To Attract Customers To Your Small Business

Tips To Attract Customers To Your Small Business

Are you a business owner and going through hard times to get customers? Well, every business passes through this phase and they find a way to survive their hard time. Today I will share some tips to attract customers to your small business that you can apply and get better results.

It doesn’t matter whether a business is small or big, there are times when businesses face customer scarcity problems and all business owners know what happens when you don’t get customers.

7 Best Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small Business

Here are some basic marketing techniques that companies and small businesses generally follow to attract customers to their business.

Now some of them can be free and some can be paid, it generally depends on the platform and the type of product you are selling.

Tip 1: Offer Discounts

Discounts are big attractions for any brand or service, they create FOMO that forces customers to make purchases as soon as possible. You can offer customers many types of discounts, like artificially lowering the prices.

Major brands and businesses use this tactic to generate more sales during popular seasons like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and other festivals.

Tip 2: Collaboration

Collaborating with other businesses and influencers can also help your business to boost, many businesses use this strategy.

Many brands and businesses complement each other if you take a clothing brand it can collaborate with a watch brand beautifully. You might have noticed fast food chains use this strategy to advertise their fast food with the major cold drink brands.

Tip 3: Leverage Social Media

Social media is the ultimate tool in the arsenal for acquiring customers for any business, first of all, you need to establish yourself as a brand on social media so that people you can build customers’ trust.

Now start posting regular content related to your business. Today, many YouTubers are documenting their business journey in YouTube shorts and Instagram reels.

It will take some time to gather an audience but, once your audience base is built you can easily convert them into your customers.

How does this help business?

This helps you in many ways. The first one is free advertisement and reaching millions of people on the internet. Local people will come to you and if you are selling online, you will hit the goldmine, because your brand is just one viral video away from making millions of sales.

You already might have seen creators on TikTok promoting different products and linking with their affiliates.

Tip 4: PPC Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, this is a paid marketing strategy that allows businesses to directly advertise their products and services on different platforms that have lots of traffic like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and, Pinterest etc.

Pay Per Click means when a customer clicks on your ad you will have to pay a certain amount that depends on the advertising platform, region, gender, and age.

Developed countries like the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and the European Union have high PPC rates which means you have to pay more to advertise there, but also conversion rate is high in developed countries.

PPC marketing is not very good for small businesses but if you have a business that has high profit margins, you can try this to boost your sales and revenue. Although I prefer free marketing using social media.

PPC marketing is a complex topic, businesses usually hire marketing agencies for PPC marketing. You can learn more about PPC marketing here.

Tip 5: Customer Opinion

Collecting reviews from tour customers can improve your business, you can also reverse engineer this, let me tell you how there are many platforms where people are always asking for the best products and services.

Now what you have to do, is hire a writer who can craft a compelling story about your business and write it as a review on different platforms, It will look like a genuine review of a product or service, and the best platform for doing this kind of sneaky marketing is quora, reddit and all other platforms where people often ask questions.

This will look like a customer’s opinion, believe me, this works because I was reading sponsored posts without realizing it, for a few months on Quora.

Although it would cost you some money this strategy is worth it.

Tip 6: Referral Programs

Using referral programs to generate more sales is also a good strategy for many businesses especially when they are selling high-margin products.

Here is how you can start a referral program for your business, get some regular customers, and offer them some commission for getting new sales, now they can tell about your product or service to their contact, in this way, you are getting sales and indirect advertisement.

Doing this offline can be better for local lead generation and also reduces extra charges like platform fees but also a slow method, if your product or service is online you can do it online more effectively because there are many tools like groups, forums, and social media platforms.

This strategy works very well with big brands but when it comes to small businesses you have to be very careful because you can’t spend too much for commission otherwise your profit margins will reduce drastically so the best option is to choose a convenient referral program to sell your products.

Tip 7: Create Your Online Presence

In the age of the Internet, your brand must be present on the Internet otherwise you will be out of business very soon.

Here is what you have to do, create a brand name buy a domain name from that brand, and create a website listing your products and services there so that when customers visit your website they can navigate your products and services.

You should carefully establish your brand name on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Why do this? this creates trust among the consumers that they are buying from a trusted source.

Today you can see every business has its social handles like Twitter and Instagram.


Acquiring customers in the initial stage of the business is a very difficult task but once you build any one stream from where you are generating sales, it is good. Small businesses need to note that they should not focus on all the methods all at once.

In this way, you will lose both time and money, first, try it and analyze which method is best suited and working for your business, and apply that in your business.

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